Bicycle Accident
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Bicycle Accident? Bike Crash Lawyers Can Get You Back to Cycling

A lot of the motorists have a misconception that bikes should get on public roadways, which is not valid. Cyclists have the legal right to use public roads the same as motor vehicles.

In most cases, you’ll find that these motorists don’t adhere to the traffic rules and it’s quite unfortunate that the bias towards cyclists is also seen through the legal injury system.

Ideally, in case you have been wounded in a bike accident, you should pursue compensation for your injuries and bike damage from persons accountable for the accident. But with the arduous and challenging legal systems, many of the bikers often forfeit this process and ail to pursue their compensation.

But fortunately, retaining the best bike accident lawyers can aid to get you back to cycling.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Car accidents are responsible for a majority of the bicycle crash deaths. Most of these fatal bicycle accidents happen in urban areas where there is the most substantial traffic, particularly during daytime evening rush hours.

These accidents, in most cases, are catastrophic and a huge percentage of the cyclists succumb to injuries.

Bicycle accidents are caused by a various reasons such as cyclists making unpredictable moves, riding on the wrong side of the road, a car cuts off on a roadway, and so on.

Nonetheless, despite the alarming statistics, bike accidents involving motor vehicles only account for approximately 30%. The rest of the bicycle accidents are caused by other reasons such as collision with pedestrians, falling off due to poor roads, defective bikes, or incompetent cycling.

Defining the Liability in Bicycle Accidents

If a cyclist is not at fault for the accident, the party involved is responsible for paying the damages for any injuries and damages caused to the cyclist. However, if the cyclist was the one at fault, they might not get compensation in the personal injury legal system. In fact, they might have to pay for the damages caused to the party involved. However, if both the parties share the fault, the cyclist may get compensation at a diminished rate, as stated by the comparative negligence rules. For example, if the court finds that the other party was partially responsible for the accident, the cyclist will similarly receive partial compensation.

Best Car Accident Lawyers

When you get involved in a bike accident, it is recommendable to hire an experienced bicycle accident lawyer for representation.

Finding the right car accident lawyer is essential in getting a fair compensation and one that you deserve.

However, with so many lawyers out there, it might be hard to get the right one.

Ideally, the best car accident lawyer should have a proper understanding of the personal injury law. They should be knowledgeable in the personal injury domain, and this will help to increase your chances of getting a fair compensation.

More so, you should seek to know the level of experience and years they have under their belt in the legal domain. Make sure they have a good experience in bicycle accident claims and are up to date with the applicable laws.

In any case, having a professional attorney by your side in beneficial in plenty of ways, including proper negotiation with your insurance provider for a fair and higher compensation, contrary to what you would have achieved on your own.

Final Thoughts

The action you take in the aftershock of a bike accident has a substantial influence on the amount you recover for your medical fees and bike damages.

Retaining a qualified accident crash attorney will take the compensation process and legal demand off from your shoulders for you to concentrate on recuperating from your injuries.

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