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5 of the best types of activities for people in nursing homes

Activities are essential for people in nursing homes. Without stimulation, mental health and any degenerating illnesses can rapidly decline. It also helps relieve a sense of loneliness and isolation and gives a much-needed structure to the day. Additionally, it provides a reason to get out of bed and move to a communal area. However, it is not always easy to find activities that cover the range of needs and preferences of many people in one home. Furthermore, many nursing homes fail to provide adequate activities and opportunities for their residence to socialize and leave their rooms. 

This has detrimental consequences, and some homes fail to provide activities or move residents out of their rooms entirely. Residents have a right to participate in activities, and so if they are denied this, it could constitute neglect. While some residents may choose not to participate, and this must be respected, others are left desperately bored. Reports of negligence and abuse have been on the rise across the world in nursing homes. Even more, cases are likely to be unreported as many of their residents may be frail or suffering with declining mental health. If you are concerned about someone in a nursing home, you should contact a nursing home neglect lawyer

Here are six types of activities for people in care homes. Not everyone will enjoy all of them, so by having a range of activities, you can try to engage as many people as you can.

Here are the activities:

Craft Activities

Some residents love craft activities. However, they often also want to feel that what they are doing has meaning. They may be reluctant to do things for the sake of it. Although craft is inherently good for them and helps to exercise their mind and their hands, they will want more of a reason than this. Think of things you can make to put up around the home or make for your local community. If there are small local festivals around, ask if you can make anything for them. You could also consider knitting squares and making blankets for the homeless. 

Physical Activities

It is important to get people moving when they are sat most of the day. There are some fantastic activities you can do with people from their chairs. You can simply throw and catch a ball, or you can find some chair yoga suggestions here

Local Experts 

Add some excitement to the activities by bringing in guest speakers. You may be able to find someone who is an expert in local history. You could also find someone to bring in animals, which can be very therapeutic. There may also be a local nursery who could come in. These types of activities are likely to engage people who do not usually participate. 

Nostalgic Activities

It is greatly beneficial for elderly people to be reminded of things from their past. You can find out more about the benefits here. On YouTube, you may be able to find old adverts and music. You can also show old films or find other things to talk about that they can relate to from their youth. They will love enlightening you! 

Crowd Pleasers 

Activities such as bingo and quizzes are likely to engage a lot of people. Quizzes are also good to get people’s brains working. These are good regular activities that can add structure by being at the same time every week.


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