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When Is the Best Time to Hire a Los Angeles Tenant Attorney?

Not all tenants have smooth and happy experiences when it comes to renting. Some might get to have issues against their co-tenants or landlord along the way. Although most of the disputes with landlords are minor and amicable, worse ones can be harassing or damaging. To deal with such cases at best, it pays to know the landlord-tenant law in your area and your legal rights as a tenant in general.

The United States protects tenants from possible harassment and aggravation by specifying their rights. Although it comes with a cost, if as a tenant in Los Angeles, you feel that your rights are being stepped on, getting a Los Angeles tenant attorney’s help might be the best solution to preserve and protect them.

When is the best time to hire a Los Angeles Tenant Attorney?

When is an issue “solvable” and “amicable” and when is it not? As per the experts advise, the best times to call your Los Angeles tenant attorney would be upon experiencing these kinds of harassment:

Harassment #1: You are being forcefully evicted.

The law requires landlords to notify their tenants ahead of a supposed eviction, i.e. 20 days to 90 days onto the eviction date. If your landlord wants you out and he reaches a point of harassing and playing dirty tactics on you, then that would be your best time to hire a tenant lawyer. Of course, while there are quite a lot of tenant attorneys in Los Angeles nowadays, there got to be a few best ones. Choose wisely; go for a lawyer who is truly knowledgeable and seasoned about tenant-landlord law and in dealing with evictions. A good lawyer will be able to come up with creative solutions and will even be able to prove that your eviction is retaliatory and unjust.

Harassment #2: You are being evicted without due procedure.

As per the law, landlords have procedures to follow and comply with when evicting their tenants. Surely, locking tenants out, cutting off the power supply and other utilities, and intruding the tenant’s privacy are not in the books. Call your Los Angeles tenant attorney as soon as you are being illegally treated. Your landlord’s case may initially appear strong but regardless of his grounds, he does not have the right to threaten you and your security.

Harassment #3: You feel like you are a victim of discrimination.

Discrimination is a common problem in the United States and unfortunately, as a tenant, you can be a victim of it too. If you feel that your landlord is treating you badly because of your race, color, gender, origin, or religion, did you know that you can sue your landlord in court and claim the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual damages that you have consequently dealt with? All you have to do is hire the right tenant attorney who will hear you out and consider all your experiences as grounds to win the case.

Or you can file a fair housing complaint with HUD or the Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD receives thousands of discrimination complaints on average, annually. The agency can investigate your complaint too and if it finds it valid, then HUD will issue a lawyer for you without any charge.

Harassment #4: The landlord is turning a blind eye on the necessary repairs and continues to ignore it after the series of complaints and reports you have made.

There are a number of essential obligations your landlord is required to comply with under the law and your lease. Now, if his failure to fulfill these is already hampering your daily living, then you can ask help from your tenant attorney. Let him be the one to put pressure and weight on your complaint.

With the help of your attorney, you and your landlord may be able to come up with a compromise agreement and a quick settlement, e.g. repair and deduct or rent withholding, if it is agreed that you as a tenant will handle the repair.

It is always best to consult a lawyer when such cases arise.

Harassment #5: Your landlord’s failure to act on the necessary repairs damaged your personal property in the long run.

Landlords have the duty to maintain their spaces but if you happened to have one who just does not care about it and such negligence, e.g. faulty wiring, already damaged your other properties, then maybe now is the time to hire a Los Angeles tenant attorney.

If you are insured as a tenant, all the losses will most likely be covered by your insurance company. However, the same company will also have your landlord reimburse all the expenses paid. Your lawyer can also help obtain this reimbursement.

Harassment #6: Your landlord is without a word of honor.

There are silly landlords who are fond of making promises to lure prospective tenants to rent their space despite possible hesitations. For instance, when you were still applying as a tenant, you inquired about the crime rate in your neighborhood. To put you at ease, your landlord promised to install a CCTV and gate on your parking lot. But after months of renting, you still are not getting what he promised. If these promises are also stipulated in the contract, you can definitely ask your lawyer to write to your landlord about it. You can ask for a rent increase refund if the promises are made grounds for such an increase.

Seek help from a seasoned Los Angeles Tenant Attorney!

In choosing a tenant attorney, while cheap offers are okay, depending on the complexity of your case, it is always best to choose a lawyer that is expert and seasoned in dealing with landlord-tenant disputes.

Hiring a tenant attorney does not mean you will be pursuing a lawsuit right away. You can actually hire one to coach you as you deal with your harassing landlord. Depending on your budget, requirements, and confidence in handling the case, there are tenant lawyers who offer coaching on an hourly basis. This can be enough to educate you and lead you toward a favorable result.


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