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10 Best Criminal Defense Sites

If you are accused of a crime, it would be wise to have a competent lawyer deal with your case. Today it’s easy to find numerous law firms or individual lawyers online. The internet is a convenient way for anyone, including lawyers, to keep their audience informed about their services. Most attorneys only put out information on their site that is compliant with State Board regulations and restrictions.

Although some of these sites were created to intrigue you to use their services, they also offer informative and accurate content that will ensure you are more knowledgeable even if you have no legal history. Let’s have a thorough look and briefly analyze what the key points for each law site are.

Top 10 Criminal Defense Sites

The Hogle Firm

If you want a strong representation in court, you can choose the Hogle Law Firm in Mesa: check out our criminal defense firm to have a clear view of the services. We specialize in drug, federal, violent, and theft crimes. The site is interactive and gives you better tools to communicate with the legal team or set up an appointment. You can also quickly access the attorneys’ profiles or easily go to the service payment tab. Since Hogle Firm is well established, their website also shows you where to find their other branches located at Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa.

Bottos Law Group

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Bottos Law Group has managed to create a dynamic website where you can quickly access information about criminal law. The website is easy to use with the firm’s practice areas and the locations well displayed on their site. Visitors have access to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, which can help them find answers without any help. They may also check out the blog where useful articles are uploaded. A comprehensive contact form is also available to fill in your data and let the legal assistants call you for an appointment.

Negin Yamin Criminal Attorney

Negin Yamin has created a very comprehensive law firm site with tons of information and educational material. The site is simple in its design but professionally displays the experience of cases she has handled in the past. On the first page, you have a simple explanation of how the criminal prosecution process works as they do not just focus on telling people how good they are. You can also set up a virtual meeting, which is convenient, especially during the corona pandemic.

Beckham Solis Criminal Law

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This law firm site first displays all three founding lawyers, which helps you build confidence in what they do. The background shows the busy Miami city center with the skyscrapers letting you know where they practice. There is always a chatbot to help you with any inquiries you may have. If you are looking to set up an appointment, the website has an easy-to-use form to ensure you give the firm enough info on your case even before the meeting. Case results are also available to view in the front menu, which helps you see the cases the firm has experience with building your confidence in them further.

Hager & Schwartz Criminal Attorney

The site has a great layout giving you all the information up front without convoluting the details. Visitors can read more about the firm and get valuable information about different areas of the law. There is a convenient chatbot that makes it easier to be an assistant, get more information, and set an appointment.

Andrew C. Beasley, PLLC

This law firm site offers you plenty of testimonials and reviews from current and existing clients. Visitors can find a FAQ section to get all their inquiries answered and a blog site where they can expand their knowledge in criminal law. The firm offers a free review of all potential clients’ cases. The site also highlights some of the lawyer’s achievements, such as serving as a public prosecutor.

Charles L. Truncale, P.A.

Charles Truncale Law Offices have created a site that gives more confidence to people who want to ask for an offer because of the depth of information displayed. The lawyer was also a former prosecutor in the State of Florida. That gives him experience in criminal cases. As a former prosecutor, his experience in criminal law is clearly seen on the site. People who log in to his site can search through his noticeable cases and contact him easily using the fill-in form on the first page.

MayesTelles Law Offices

The first thing you will notice on the MayesTelles Law Offices website is that they have been in operation for the last 100 years in Arizona. Pictures of all the associate lawyers are displayed on the front page to show you further the size and experience of the firm. Potential clients have the option of a free consultation. You may also use the chatbot and leave your information to set up the free consultation with you conveniently.

The Gillespie Law Firm

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The Gillespie Law Firm focuses on personal relations and trust. Craig Gillespie, the founder of the firm, is the face of the website with his picture from and center. On the first page, people can choose to set up a free consultation. The firm specializes in a broad range of criminal cases, openly showing their previous trial outcomes for potential clients to know. The blog section is well-created with plenty of articles to leave you better informed after visiting the site.

Womack And Associates

Finally, we have included a simple site with two generations of lawyers. The father and his son, Guy and Geoff Womack, respectively, offer you their legal knowledge and tips. They specialize in federal, state, and military crimes, and they display their past cases on the site. There is plenty of information about the firm that makes contacting them easy through a phone call or sending them a filled-in request form.

Wrapping Up

As you may understand, law firms have expanded their business online to connect with their existing and potential clients. No one knows the future, and having a good lawyer on your side is always helpful. Being prepared includes knowing which lawyers are more competent, and a good website is one of these indicators.

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