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7 Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident

While most people will always want a car or truck, some people prefer hitting the road on two wheels instead of four. That helps explain why there are over 8 million motorcycles registered in the US alone. Of course, with so many motorcycles on the road each year, there is also the potential for motorcycle accidents.

Careless drivers may pull out in front of you or cut you off in traffic because they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. After a motorcycle accident, you may debate with yourself about hiring a lawyer. While it might not seem necessary, getting a lawyer can provide you with many benefits.

Not sure what a lawyer can offer you after an accident? Keep reading for a breakdown of the key benefits.

1. Provide Advice

consider before hiring an estate planning lawyer

When you hire a lawyer, a big part of what you get is the benefit of their expertise. They can provide you with advice about the best course of action.

For example, they can give you a better picture of how strong or weak your case looks based on the available evidence. They can also advise you about how similar cases played out after other motorcycle accidents. That information can help you decide whether or not you want to pursue a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident.

2. Gather Evidence

After any kind of accident, you may find yourself too shaken up or even too hurt to take pictures. If you do end up going to the hospital, much of the on-scene evidence won’t exist anymore by the time you get out.

When you hire an attorney, they will take steps to gather evidence on your behalf. They’ll collect police reports, talk with witnesses, and even look for video or pictures from the scene. All of that can help strengthen your case for either a stronger negotiating position with an insurance company or for an eventual lawsuit.

3. Negotiate

Believe it or not, most lawyers don’t want a case to drag out in court. It eats up a lot of time and often proves emotionally trying for the person they represent. Negotiating a satisfactory settlement is often the best outcome for everyone involved.

The best lawyer is one who can negotiate the best settlement offer you that doesn’t involve a drawn-out court case. A lawyer is also in the best position to negotiate these settlements.

They can fall back on statistics about other settlements, in and out of court. They can also talk about the strength of their case in legal terms that the insurance company will understand. The very existence of the lawyer also serves as an implicit threat of the lawsuit that will follow if the insurance company or individual won’t come to settlement terms.

4. Help You Navigate the Legal System

Hire a Lawyer

The modern legal system has a lot of moving parts and a lot of rules. For example, there is a lot of paperwork involved with a lawsuit that you must file with the courts. You must file much of that paperwork within a certain amount of time or the case may collapse around you.

A lawyer will know what kind of paperwork you must file, where you must file it, and when you must file it. That kind of work is a regular part of a lawyer’s life. They can simply add it to their daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

If necessary, they can also find experts who will testify on your behalf during the case.

5. Help You Set Reasonable Expectations

Many people hear about massive financial verdicts in lawsuits and expect that they will also receive huge amounts of money after their lawsuits. Very few lawsuits end in massive verdicts. Most of the ones that do involve groups of people suing a corporation for outrageous behaviors that hurt a lot of people.

While a lawsuit can get you more money or help up drive up a settlement offer, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see millions of dollars in compensation. Your lawyer can help understand how much money you will really see through negotiation or through a successful lawsuit.

They will also help go into a lawsuit with reasonable expectations about whether or not your lawsuit will succeed.

6. Represent You

Assuming you do end up taking another person or an insurance company to court, you almost certainly won’t represent yourself during the hearings or during the trial. Much as you don’t understand all of the rules of filing legal paperwork, you won’t know what you can and can’t do in court.

For example, there are kinds of questions that you can and can’t ask. The best attorney will ask questions in such a way that they don’t violate those rules.

Since your attorney will know those rules and abide by them, it also preserves your ability to appeal the ruling if the case doesn’t go your way.

7. Perspective

One of the most important benefits you get when you hire an attorney is perspective. After a motorcycle accident, it’s entirely reasonable if you’re angry. Anger can make people say rash things or do rash things.

An attorney lacks that emotional involvement, which means they help you see where your own best interests lie. That may mean accepting a settlement offer even though your knee-jerk reaction may demand that you sue everyone in sight.

Hiring an Attorney Post-Motorcycle Accident

Suffering from PTSD Following a Motorcycle Accident

Hiring an attorney after your motorcycle accident might not seem like a priority or necessity, but it can provide you with a lot of benefits. If nothing else, an attorney can provide you with a realistic perspective on your case in terms of winning a lawsuit or negotiating a settlement.

They can deal with paperwork, gather evidence, and negotiate on your behalf. If necessary, your lawyer will also represent you in court.

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