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The Surprising Benefits of Having a Multilingual Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is a big decision. You may want to consult with a lawyer simply because you’re in the process of relocating and need help with finding an attorney, or you are planning to start a company and need legal advice. But having your lawyer speak different languages is another perk, especially if you’re international. With a Spanish Speaking Lawyer at Castro Law Offices, you get a law firm that speaks your language, so you can communicate easily. If you’re like most people, those choosing a multilingual lawyer, you’d rather get legal information from someone who speaks your language since that makes up for more comfortable and understandable communication. In this way, if you’re looking for an attorney to help in settling international or immigration law issues, then we can help you. Here are the benefits of hiring a multilingual lawyer.

1. Easier Communication

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When you hire a lawyer who’s multilingual, you already have their help and knowledge of the law. You will have a significant advantage in terms of communication since they can easily explain the law to you, and they will know what kind of lawyer you need to discuss anything that might be of concern to you. Suppose your lawyer speaks two or even all the languages that are relevant to your case. In that case, it is likely that he or she can provide good legal advice because they can read between the lines and understand what’s going on with your case without getting confused by legal jargon. Unlike what most people think, a multilingual lawyer is not only beneficial for every client who speaks foreign languages; it also helps the attorney and his or her staff. Multilingual lawyer gives them more options to their clients to understand English better because they know that English is the dominant language in many countries. You can say that because you know enough English, you’re more confident and will have an easier time discussing your case with your lawyer.

2. Better Understanding of the Law

A multilingual lawyer can easily perform his or her duties as a legal advocate, plus he or she will be able to give better advice because they can easily understand the law in their native language. Even if you hire a non-English speaking lawyer, it’s possible that he or she may not be totally comfortable using it because of the difficulty in understanding and distinguishing between words in the law’s vocabulary. In countries where there are a lot of people who speak different languages, it is common for legal terminology to use words from these foreign languages. The lawyer can easily understand the law in his or her native language and even translate it to other languages as needed.

3. Cost Savings

Hiring a multilingual lawyer will save you money because they can give you advice on how to deal with your case with fewer expenses. They already have an idea of what kind of attorney they will need to represent them, and this gives them an advantage over other lawyers who don’t speak additional languages. And even if they don’t speak your language, they have people who can translate it for them. Compared to hiring a lawyer who only speaks English, it’s cheaper for you to hire a multilingual lawyer.

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4. Eliminates Translation Errors

If you hire a non-English speaking lawyer, there will be more translation errors since your lawyer only speaks his or her native language and not English. For instance, in the United States legal system, there are a lot of laws by which words are translated from the original language into English. In such cases, if you hire a non-English speaking lawyer and they can’t explain what these words mean according to your native language, they will never be able to explain it properly. But with a qualified lawyer who knows several languages and has translators, you will have the advantage of having your case explained properly. If possible, you should hire a lawyer who only speaks English and then hire translators to translate all legal documents for you.

5. Enhances Privacy and Confidentiality

With a multilingual lawyer, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. Your lawyer will be able to explain everything to you clearly and precisely, as well as give you legal advice that is easy to understand. The reason is that they can keep every piece of information they know private and confidential. There have been cases where a person in the United States and even an attorney can be fined for just speaking another language, especially if it’s not within their native language. So if your lawyer doesn’t speak your language, they’re not going to risk giving anything away because of the law that restricts them from doing it. Hiring a translator for confidentiality and privacy will also be beneficial.

6. Better Results and Reflections

In a case where your lawyer speaks only English, and you are unable to understand the case, then you will most likely be rejected in court since it was beyond your legal knowledge. But if you have a lawyer who speaks several languages, he or she can explain the law in his or her native language, so that even if you don’t know much about the law, they won’t have a problem explaining it to someone who doesn’t understand anything about law, as long as they remember their native language clearly when explaining it to them. You won’t need to worry about your lawyer using the wrong language because it will be easy for the translator to read between the lines and tell you what kind of process you will have to go through.

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There are a lot of benefits that come with hiring a multilingual lawyer, especially if you hire them to represent your case. In accordance with these advantages, there are lawyers who only speak one language or some who don’t speak any languages at all. These attorneys will be able to perform the same duty as a lawyer who speaks other languages, but they won’t be able to do it as well as the other ones. If you find the right lawyer for your case and if he or she is qualified enough, then it is only wise for you to hire that person because you need someone who can represent you properly in court.

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