Be Aware of Illegal and Counterfeit Pesticides
Halt | January 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

Be Aware of Illegal and Counterfeit Pesticides

Illegal pesticides usually find their way into the US market from foreign countries. Some are manufactured in the US by unauthorized companies and distributed online or via backstreet means. Such pesticides are not evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and may be harmful to the environment. Even worse, they may be harmful to you as an individual. Everybody is at risk of buying illegal pesticides. If you buy an illegal pesticide, you endanger the environment, your life, and potentially the life of the people around you. Compounding the problem, if you are found in possession of illegal pesticide, you may be held liable.

Preventive Pest in Phoenix knows all about the counterfeit pesticides flooding into Arizona. They are packaged to look like legal original pesticides but the content differs. Using a counterfeit pesticide may have tough legal and personal repercussions. It is your duty to ensure that you know the type of pesticide you buy. There are several ways to watch out and be aware of illegal and counterfeit pesticides.

Being Aware of Illegal and Counterfeit Pesticides

1. Only Buy From Reputable Stores

Avoid buying pesticides and drugs from unknown entities. You should ensure that the seller is legally registered and is known to offer good products. To avoid the chances of being duped, stick to the known brands.

You should also avoid buying drugs and pesticides online. The online market is full of deceit and cons when it comes to pesticides.

2. Instructions Must Be Written In English

Do not buy any pesticide that has instructions written in a language you do not understand. Chances are that such products have been imported into the US illegally. The US government requires that all products must have instructions that are readable and understandable. Instructions written in a foreign language should be a red flag.

Be Aware of Illegal and Counterfeit Pesticides

3. Lookout For The EPA Registration Number

Illegal pesticides do not have EPA verification and, therefore, do not hold an EPA registration number. Before you buy any pesticide, make sure it has an EPA label with the EPA registration number. It is this number that verifies that a product is genuine and has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

4. Check For Active Ingredients Names

Do not but any pesticide over the counter if there is no clear list of all the active ingredients. EPA verified products are required to give a list of all active ingredients. Further, EPA requires that precautionary measures be outlined regarding the use of the product. If you come across a pesticide that does not offer the necessary precaution or lacks a detailed list of ingredients, chance are it is illegal.


The safety of your family and that of the environment lies on you when it comes to using pesticides. The government tries to root out illegal pesticides through all means. However, such illegal products and counterfeit pesticides may still find their way into the market. You should be aware of illegal and counterfeit pesticides and stay vigilant. You need to verify each product independently before purchasing. Look for the EPA registration number and ensure that the product adheres to EPA requirements. To stay safe, always buy your pesticides from reputable stores that use regulated pesticides.

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