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How Can You Add Speed to Your Bail Bond Process? Guidelines to Remember

When you get arrested, it can create havoc in your life. But there is always a way for you to fasten the bail bond process. That way, you don’t have to spend adequate time in jail. Do you wish to speed up the process of bail? If yes, here are a few guidelines that can help:

1. Get in touch with a bail bond process company that works 24×7

What You Need To Know About Bail Bonds

An expert bail bond agent can start to process the release the moment you contact them. Ensure that you get in touch with a local bail bond agency that works around the clock and is situated close to the jail. That way, they can initiate the process at the earliest. An agency that is at a strategic location can reduce the waiting time. Make sure that you choose an agency that accepts collect calls to enable you to follow up the process or make your inquiries even when you are in jail. To know more about this, you can check out bail bondsmen in Rockingham County NC.

2. Collect useful data concerning the arrest

Once you’ve spoken to the bail bond agent, make sure you start to gather crucial data about the arrest. These data comprise the alleged crime details, the jail location, and the inmate number. It will help if you get to know about the bond amount. And in case the amount is already decided, you might check for an initial hearing date. And usually, when a person gets arrested, the bond amount gets decided by an already pre-decided bail schedule. And if your bail amount gets set by the bail schedule, you need to attend the preliminary hearing that will take place within 24 hours of the arrest.

3.  Manage a cosigner

Bail Bond

The cosigner plays two crucial roles. Firstly, they will be accountable for paying the bail bond agent. Secondly, they will enable you to collect all the documentation that you require for the release. The process of the documentation might vary based on the bail bond agency you select. However, the common papers comprise of the arrest background data, a government-issued identity, and the proof of residence and income of the cosigner.

4. Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney

You don’t require an attorney for initiating the bail bond process. However, when you have one, it is always helpful. These lawyers are aware of the bail schedules and can anticipate the bail amount before it gets set. It helps you to plan the same in advance. Also, they can provide you with a special hearing for the bail. Also, when your bail amount is too steep or it gets denied, the lawyer can come to help. They can appeal to the court so that your bail gets lowered or it gets set. And if you don’t have this counsel, you might need to wait longer.


These are some of how you can add speed to your bail bond process. No one likes to stay in jail for a prolonged time. Hence, you can always make use of these guidelines.

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