Workers Compensation Cases
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Babcock Trial Lawyers, in Baton Rouge, LA Now Accepts Workers Compensation Cases

Accidents in the workplace are quite a common incident, and they can happen at any time. The accident might take place due to the negligence of the employee or the employer. Whatever be the case, workers will get compensation for the losses incurred at the workplace. If you are a worker in someplace in Baton Rouge seeking workers compensation, you can seek assistance from Babcock Trial Lawyers. Workplace accidents are covered under the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s workers’ comp program.

The coverage offered in the program is quite extensive. Along with covering the medical bills, there is compensation for the lost wages of the victim. Therefore while the worker recovers from his/her workplace injuries, he/she will keep on receiving payments.

Workers’ compensation offered by employers in Louisiana, Baton Rouge

One great thing in Louisiana is that all employers are entitled to pay their employees workers’ compensation in case of an accident or uneventful circumstance regardless of the number of people who are employed with the employer. All kinds of employees – part-time, seasonal as well as full-time workers are eligible for the benefits under the compensation program. However, independent contractors and contract workers are not entitled to the benefits of the program.

When a person is injured while being on the job, he will obtain medical insurance for the injuries at the workplace. The insurance program will not only cover the medical expenses which are being incurred in the treatment of workplace injuries, but it will also provide wage compensation to the injured employee.

A certain percentage of the lost wages are given to the employee. The injured person gets compensation for the wages till the time the doctor recommends him to be fit to be able to join work again.

The trial lawyers at the law firm know about these compensation programs in detail and guide people well so that they get the best compensations against their workplace injuries.

Workers’ compensation regardless of the fault of employee/employer

If you thought that the workplace injury that you suffered was due to your failure and hence you are not eligible for the compensation, you are mistaken. In Louisiana, workers’ compensation benefits are provided regardless of the fault of the employee or employer. All workers and all injuries are covered by the program irrespective of the kind of accident.

The crucial point is at the time of the accident; an employee has to be present at the job site.

However, there exist a few exceptional clauses. The compensation benefits might be denied if the employee is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident.

In such a situation, obtaining help from trial lawyers covering personal injury cases from Babcock Trial Lawyers is recommended. Their guidance can be pivotal in resolving any confusion regarding the legal rights of the impacted workers.

How can Babcock Trial Lawyers help employees in receiving workers’ compensation?

At Babcock Trial Lawyers, many employees have received great workers’ compensation benefits with the help of their proficient personal injury attorneys, specializing in workers’ compensation cases. Right from filing the lawsuit to the completion of the same, the attorneys assist their clients so in gaining maximum compensation for the losses.

Even if an employee has been denied compensation benefits, lawyers from the law firm can re-appeal for the case. The trial lawyer will present all relevant documents, medical reports, accident reports, etc. in court to prove the authenticity of the injuries so that the case is established.

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