Fake Degree Makers
Halt | October 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

Avoiding Fake Degree Makers like the Plague

Would you like to have a degree from the University of Wexford? Or maybe you’d prefer graduating from the University of Devonshire? Which sounds better?

Believe it or not, these were once trading names of fake universities online. These sites were set up and disguised as reputable and licensed universities we have grown to respect and love. Luckily, these phony sites were shut down a couple of years ago. But even then, the qualifications they offered while they were still in business are still being presented to HR departments of companies all over the world.

And unfortunately, these sites were just a small tip of the fake degree iceberg. News of fake universities have flooded the internet in the past decade. The success these phony universities enjoy is fueled by the need to have a degree to back up a given skillset. Yes, in this time and age, skill without a relevant degree is null and void. Most people have had to learn this the hard way – By knocking on doors only to have them banged shut in their face for lack of a degree certificate to back up their claims. 

What’s more, the ease of setting up a fake university site complete with a believable domain name, template, and content has played a big role in this as well. The deceptive plan is hatched and implemented in just a matter of days.

In the past years, numerous fake online universities and fake degree makers have been pulled down. But despite the efforts by governments to suffocate it, the industry still thrives. If you are reading this and insist on bypassing the learning process for whatever reason, you should be wary of fake degree makers. If you’ll go down this road, you better ensure the job is done by accredited professional and not just any fake diploma maker you come across.

This piece presents you with a clear picture of what’s at stake when you hire a fake diploma maker to handle your papers. 

10 Years in Prison

Once you are found in possession of a fake degree in some countries, you could spend up to 10 years behind bars. Suddenly the potential of a hassle-free diploma and quick career advancement doesn’t look so alluring and lucrative with this new revelation, does it? And though the laws of most countries are not quite clear on the punishment forgers attract, you are better off not playing with fire. 

The increased publicity fake degree makers have been receiving in the past few years or so has been great for business. But on the flip side, it has gotten the industry on the radar of most national and international governments. Today, getting caught in the lie is easier since they know what they are looking for. It takes a serious company with the right tools and high-end skills to pull this off without getting caught. Unfortunately, companies that offer such genuine and accredited degrees are few and charge dearly for the same. After all, nothing good comes free.

Reputation Damage

When you make a fake degree for free, you put your reputation and that of the named university at risk. It’s clear how your reputation is on the line. But how is the university affected yet they did nothing wrong? 

Well, this is a classic case of the noisy hornbill. The oise’ you make with the fake college degree eventually gets all parties involved in trouble. Though the core business of universities is to transform young minds into persons who will make history in their various fields, they care for their reputation in the commercial world. With employability being their main marketing tool, universities cannot afford being linked to fake degrees.

The moment you are employed on the basis of your stellar degree certificate, and cannot deliver, the employer is disappointed and is never willing to take a chance on raduates’ from the said university. For this reason, universities are more than willing to collaborate with investigations of fake degree cases.

As part of the rackdown’ employers are also encouraged to cross check every document presented during interviews. The universities offer free verification services for such instances. How long do you think it’ll be before you’re caught? 

You Waste a lot of Cash

Despite an increased demand in free college degrees, these documents cost money. Most fake degree makers charge quite a lot. And though these amounts are squat in comparison to the tens of thousands of dollars paid in tuition fees, it’s not easy for average earners to raise such kind of money.

And here’s the thing: the price range quoted above is for a single certificate. If you need additional documentation or detailing on the certificates to make them more believable, you’ll have to cough up extra cash. The cost of the fake degree also depends on the university quoted on the certificate and the course labelled.

Once you get caught, you can consider all the cash invested as money down the drain. And honestly, with fake degree makers, the chances of being caught during your first interview are high.

No Real Value Added

You can lie to the world, but you can never lie to yourself. Deep down you’ll always know you are not qualified for the position you hold or do not deserve the praise and respect your peers accord you for your academic achievements. The truth masked by the prestigious fake degree will slowly eat you up from the inside. And eventually, you will self-destruct. 

You see, even while you may have earned the skillset detailed in the fake degree over time, the experience doesn’t beat old-fashioned knowledge acquired in a classroom. Attending school molds your character. It’s the reason why employees can differentiate between Harvard and MIT graduates. Unfortunately, getting a fake degree won’t shape your character overnight.

So while you may rise through the ranks and rake in more money courtesy of the fake degree, the degree doesn’t add any value to you.


When you choose to work with a fake degree maker, know that the stakes are high. And if you truly must buy a diploma, make sure you work with online companies that offer accredited degrees and diplomas. We are one such company. We’ll not only craft the degree but also create an academic background to make it enuine’. So make the smart choice and do it by the books as the MIT grads say.


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