Rubber Stoppers
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Avoid Legal Claims And Heavy Compensations: Stock Up On Rubber Stoppers

Rubber stoppers are small rubber plugs that are used in laboratories to seal test tubes, flasks and other glassware openings. It works just like a cork on a wine bottle. In fact, you can use a wooden cork for the purpose of sealing laboratory equipment but many prefer to use a rubber stopper. This is because a rubber stopper is able to provide a tighter seal due to its sponge like characteristics and is much more resistant to chemicals than wood.

The main aim of using a rubber stopper is to ensure that liquids and gasses in a container do not escape especially in the case of a slippage. Laboratory is filled with different chemicals and if all of them are left open, it can cause contamination due to exposure to air which can lead to a negative result in experiments. Hence a rubber stopper is used to prevent such types of contamination.

Rubber stoppers have been used by many to avoid accidents as well. Less accidents mean less legal battles to fight. But before we get into how rubber stoppers prevent accidents and you from getting sued, let’s look at some of the different types of rubber stoppers.

Types of rubber stoppers and plugs

There are different types of rubber stoppers and plugs. Some of the most commonly used rubber stoppers/plugs are:

  1. Rubber End Caps
  2. Rubber Plugs
  3. Rubber Corks
  4. Silicone Plugs
  5. Silicone Stoppers

Different types of materials are used to make rubber stoppers. Some of these materials are natural rubber, silicone, Styrene-Butadiene Rubber, EPDM and more. We recommend staying away from Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (Used in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber) as butadiene is known to cause certain types of cancer in humans. Even the manufacturing process of synthetic rubber is hazardous to humans.

As we mentioned earlier, a rubber stopper helps prevent accidents. Slippages and contaminations in laboratory or other environments have led to many legal battles and hefty compensations.

We are going to discuss some of the ways a rubber stopper can help you stay away from legal notices or prevent you from getting sued.

Importance of Rubber Stoppers

There are a lot of applications for a rubber stopper. Read on as we guide you on how to protect yourself and others from any serious injuries using rubber stoppers.

Chairs and tables

Rubber stoppers can be purchased for chairs and tables and are called rubber feet. They provide friction in case the chair doesn’t slip on a wet floor. This has happened many times where a person has slipped in their chair during a meal and ended up suing the restaurant. There is a proper legal claim that can be filed in case of injuries due to chair accidents. There was even an incident where a chair slipped from a roof top and hit a woman in the streets of NewYork. She ended up suing the place and got compensation. Don’t take risks.


Many people have been using the traditional plastic door stoppers. These are inconvenient as they are placed on the floor instead of the side wall. People who are unaware might end up slipping themselves on the door stopper and seriously injure themselves. There have been incidents whereby visitors or guests have tripped over a traditional door stopper leading to injuries. Before this can happen, it is important that you replace all your plastic door stoppers with rubber door stoppers that can be attached to the wall, away from people.


As discussed earlier, rubber stoppers are used in laboratories to prevent chemical reactions. Some chemicals are hazardous to humans and any exposure to them can lead to serious medical and health conditions. An employee once sued Dow chemical and Zep stating that they supplied chemicals without any safety warnings. The same employee sued the department of energy lab for supplying him with toxic chemicals. We recommend using rubber stoppers on test tubes and other glassware to seal them shut. This will help prevent any chemical reaction to happen leading to serious health risks to nearby people which might end up in the laboratory getting sued.

There are many different applications besides the ones mentioned like scientific, industrial, commercial and more. Don’t take risks and use rubber stoppers to prevent any serious injuries to visitors and guests. Remember, prevention is always better. So, stock up on some rubber stoppers and ensure a safe environment for everyone.

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