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Automobile Accident Attorneys: Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring One

Automobile accidents are physically and emotionally traumatic. Some of them are even fatal.

Dealing with a car accident can be difficult enough on its own. However, it can be even more stressful and challenging if the liable insurance company is unwilling to give you the financial compensation you deserve. In some cases, the insurance company might try to deny your claim entirely.

In either case, you need the help of experienced automobile accident attorneys. They can help you identify your damages and the value of those damages. They will provide you with the legal representation you need to ensure you get an adequate settlement.

But how do you find the best auto accident lawyer? We think it comes down to asking the right questions. Keep reading for everything you should be asking your lawyer.

1. Will You Give Me a Free Case Evaluation?

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First, reach out to the local automobile accident attorneys to see which ones will give you a free consultation. These are the lawyers who are willing to earn your business.

A case evaluation is also a good time to learn more about your case. You can get solid legal counsel before you even hire an attorney. However, you should also use your consultation to determine whether or not the vehicle accident attorney is a good fit for you.

2. What Are Your Fees?

When interviewing car accident lawyers, find out how they charge their clients. Most personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee, which is generally around 33%.

In other words, the lawyer will only charge you if your case is successful. If you fail to win your case, you’ll still owe certain court fees and other legal costs, but you won’t owe the lawyer anything.

Find out how your lawyer charges and what their cut is before signing on for their services.

3. What Experience Do You Have With Automobile Accidents?

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No matter how serious your accident was, you should only be working with the best automobile accident attorneys. While years in the field aren’t everything, experience comes with certain benefits.

For example, an experienced vehicle accident attorney will have more expertise. Their knowledge of personal injury law will run deep and they’ll have practice dealing with stubborn insurance companies. Furthermore, an experienced auto accident lawyer will give you peace of mind, knowing that your case is in good hands.

4. Can I See Your Case Results?

Finally, when searching for the right car accident attorney, ask if you can take a look at their previous case results. You might also be able to find these online without asking.

Look specifically for cases that resemble yours. Find out what the automobile accident attorneys were able to accomplish for their past clients.

Do they seem to be effective and successful at handling car accident cases? Do they help their clients get adequate settlements to ensure they can move forward successfully in their lives?

Looking for Automobile Accident Attorneys?

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Not all automobile accident attorneys are created equally. Some are more confident and knowledgeable than others and some are more compassionate and accommodating. To find the right car accident lawyer for your needs, follow the guide written above.

Use our lawyer directory or any of the other articles in our blog for more guidance. Our website was created to help people like you navigate their way through complicated legal issues.

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