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Questions To Ask A Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

You may have a lot of questions concerning facing criminal charges, most especially if you or your loved one has been charged with a criminal act. From general to specific questions, this post will cover some of the most commonly asked questions, including questions to ask when hiring a criminal defense lawyer, questions about guilty pleas, what you should do when arrested, and criminal record history.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re facing a criminal case, it’s crucial to hire a trusted and experienced DWI lawyer, like one from Manuel Diaz law Firm, PC. By doing so, you avoid saying things that may incriminate you or make your case worse.

While a police officer followed the right arrest procedure, an expert DWI lawyer can check possible loopholes, including the preparation phase, process, and terms of negotiation or court trial. A DWI lawyer will make you feel assured and confident that your DWI case would be carefully assessed, safeguarding your rights and interests.

Check out these tips and the right questions to ask a criminal defense attorney:

  • Ask your prospective criminal defense lawyer about work experience handling similar cases like yours. How many numbers of cases does he take every year on average? It will gauge the lawyer’s experience and expertise.
  • Ask your lawyer about the possible result of your criminal case, such as the possibility of dismissing your case and how long will you need to wait for the due process to take place. You don’t want to waste all your effort and time trying to bargain.
  • Assess the criminal defense lawyer’s soft skills, including his communication skills, problem-solving skills, and show genuine concern. During the free interview, you can ask questions relevant to your criminal case (which will be discussed further below). By doing so, you’ll be able to assess if you’re comfortable talking and entrusting your case to your prospective criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal Defense AttorneyQuestions to Ask About the Case

Facing a criminal charge is not easy. It can be very stressful, most especially if you don’t have any idea of the entire process you have to go through. That’s why it helps to ask your criminal defense attorney questions about the specifics of your case and the following questions:

1. Can I Plead Guilty to the Charges I’m Accused Of?

While you can do or say whatever you want, a criminal conviction, including a simple misdemeanor, has long-term consequences. It can ruin your career, or you’ll find difficulty getting a new job.

Here are some of the other consequences of pleading guilty for a criminal charge:

  • Have your name dragged and published in the local headlines
  • Lose your driver’s professional license
  • Lose respect from your loved ones, coworkers, friends, and neighbors
  • Imprisonment and pay a hefty amount of fines
  • Lose access to obtain federal student aid

Your lawyer will explain the consequences of this action and present you with your legal options. The law and your perception of being guilty of a criminal charge are different things. A criminal defense lawyer can plead to lesser charges, get a “not guilty” decision, or get your criminal case dismissed.

2. Does Criminal Record Matter?

A good criminal lawyer would understand and recognize that there are factors that could’ve happened in your past, which can affect your present case. That’s why your lawyer is the best person to show the judge that you are a better person now than you were years ago.

3. How Soon Should I Act When I’m Arrested?

As soon as you get a chance to make a phone call, act immediately because the longer you delay calling your lawyer, the more difficult it is to prove that you’re innocent in court. Also, keep in mind that the police officers have probably built a case against you for several months that resulted in the arrest.

Just be very careful when you’re calling from prison. Remember that you have a right to make a private phone call or prisoner’s rights. You can ask if the police will be recording your call because some prisons record phone call conversations by asking you to sign a form or notify you verbally that can be used against you.


Now you’re more knowledgeable of the important questions you need to ask when hiring a criminal defense lawyer and other questions related to your case. A criminal defense lawyer can help you in all aspects of your case. Hiring a good criminal lawyer involves knowing the credentials, experience, and strength of your case for a faster case resolution, among others.