Are Your Valuables and Documents Safe? A Storage Vault Can Provide You with Peace of Mind
Halt | July 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

Are Your Valuables and Documents Safe? A Storage Vault Can Provide You with Peace of Mind

Do you own valuable property that you’re hiding around your house? Under your mattress? In the freezer? If you’re a gold and silver investor, a coin collector, own heirloom jewelry, or possess other valuable property such as antique guns and artwork, you’ll sleep better at night knowing these items are safely secured in a solid storage vault guarded by a well trained security team armed with cutting edge surveillance and IT support. In fact, even cryptocurrency or virtual currency requires more security than you might have imagined. Wise and seasoned  money people know that one can never be too secure. 

Storage vaults are secured in a highly secure warehouse, so they are protected from the outside elements and often have top of the line security. Before choosing a storage vault provider, ask about their security system and temperature control. They should have numerous security cameras in place as well as limited access to the vaults for authorized employees only with a system of procedures for securing valuable assets–even from employees.

For the business traveler, if you want access to your storage vault when you’re on a trip, many vault companies also provide secure delivery services to key locations around the world. This is a service you’ll definitely want to consider before selecting a storage vault company. Do you really want to leave these items in a questionable hotel safe after all the time you’ve spent securing them at home? 

You’ve invested so much care in protecting these items through the years, and therefore, making the modest investment in protecting them is quite literally, a sound financial decision. The same care you take in selecting a fina

ncial lawyer should also be used in securing your private information. In fact, many business executives secure their corporation’s most important and private documents in storage vaults. The discretion and privacy of a storage vault is also an added benefit in keeping your most valuable data and possessions away from the prying eyes of competitors or modern hackers who seek data almost as much as hard goods in today’s black market.  

With many vault storage companies, you can lease a small space or an entire vault dedicated just for you.. Armed with specially trained response teams, secure IT services, 24-7 surveillance using all the cutting edge technology, vault storage companies have access to security your home can never provide. Generally, these companies provide multiple layers of backup security and power generators in the event of power failures during emergencies and other contingencies–when your property is at the most risk. And let’s face it, how many of you have a security system like that in our private homes? 

The layers of security a company can provide include dual key security, tamper proof seals, and obviously, owner verification procedures that make it impossible for anyone other than you to access your safe, vault, or safety deposit box. In addition, you can view, withdraw, or deposit your assets anytime, day or night.  

A storage vault in Los Angeles with a solid track record of safety, security, and discretion is the first step toward protecting your family’s legacy possessions. Criminals want what you have. Competitors want what you have. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve safeguarded your most prized valuables, prepared for their distribution through estate planning,  and secured your most important documents by choosing a company with a solid reputation in your community.

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