Are Tattoos Legal and Safe?
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Are Tattoos Legal in Italy?

In Rome both men and women are getting tattoos at Aureo Roma Tattoo & Gallery on a regular basis in the Italy’s largest city.

Are Tattoos Legal in Italy?

Tattoos are pretty much legal everywhere in the European Union as long as you are over the age of 16 in most places and 18 in others. In Italy you have to be at least 16 and must have written consent from both parents.  

What are the Most Popular Trends in Italy?

Many Italians and those of Italian descent choose to get the Italian flag as one of their tattoos.  Also, Italian scripted sayings are very popular as well. They have sayings such as “Your good actions should haunt the world.”  And, “Freedom is pleasure and flight to freedom is victory.” Another popular saying is “Strength of character lies in being calm.” And don’t forget, “Life is beautiful.” Or, “Family is everything.”

As far as artwork and designs go, Italians tend to opt for the winged back, or horned emotions, while using vibrant colors and old world designs. Michaelangelo tattoos are a staple in Italian culture of course, while brothers like to honor each other with matching tattoos as well.  

Are Tattoos Safe?

In this day and age most tattoo artists wear gloves and are very careful to sterilize all needles and working materials. Diseases like Hepatitis and HIV. These are both scary propositions and no one wants to deal with either of them. Tattoo shops are places where you can contract both of those diseases.  However, it’s not that common in today’s world.

The safety standards of the tattoo industry have grown over the years. With a heightened awareness and overall common cleanliness, people aren’t so much at risk any more of catching a disease at a tattoo parlor. Tattoo artists make their living on not only being talented but being known as clean. Most of their business comes from word of mouth and if word gets out a shop or artist is not clean or responsible then he or she will be out of business very quickly.

There are studies suggesting that people with multiple tattoos have been more likely to contract blood borne pathogens although they didn’t factor in lifestyle which may be a more telling reason why people with multiple tattoos are more at risk. However it is a lot more common presently to have multiple tattoos which is becoming the norm all throughout Europe.

Steps to Increase Your Safety

The best thing you can do is be aware. Watch the artists take the new needle out of a sealed bag. Inspect the shop beforehand for its cleanliness too. Make sure the artist is washing their hands when putting on and after taking off their gloves. Also, only get a tattoo done in a licensed shop.

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