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Are Cheap Online Divorces Legal?

Couples that want to divorce are often frightened by the amount of money they will have to spend on legal fees and lawyers. It is an unfortunate and awkward situation when two people do not feel happy together anymore but are hesitating to split because of financial issues.

However, it is more common to take a divorce online, as it is cheapest and faster than the regular one, although there are some restrictions to be met in order to perform this procedure smoothly.

We will provide you with knowledge on the online divorce characteristics and advise you on how to perform it in a way that conforms to the law.

Uncontested and Contested Divorce Online

There are different types of divorce.

A contested divorce is the one that costs a lot to settle because ex-partners are not able to agree on most matters. Usually, that type of divorce can not be executed online. When partners can not agree on the division of assets, child custody, and other vital issues, then the process takes a long time before it ends. Contested divorce very often leaves emotional pain and thus is hard to settle. Because of that, several hearings in court must occur, which makes it impossible to conduct it online.

The other type is an uncontested divorce, which usually proceeds very quickly and peacefully. It works when spouses agree on the most critical issues of the divorce. Both sides have to compromise, and as a result, they can avoid solicitors getting involved, and in some cases, there could be no hearing or a brief hearing in court (which depends on the state). This kind of divorce may be executed online, therefore avoiding high expenses and delays.

How To Do It Legally?

You need to find out if your state regulations allow for online divorce filing. In many of them, it is entirely legal, but you need to follow some instructions. Even if you want to use the help of a lawyer, the lawyer can file for divorce online on your behalf.

The most common way to file for divorce online is to use online services that provide ready-to-fill forms and may help you in case of questions or problems with entering the data. Remember to find a divorce company that is very sensitive to the exceptional laws of your state. Some companies are not paying attention to that, which leaves you with the need to modify the forms or seek other professional help, even if you already paid the given company.

That type of divorce works best in uncontested cases where the matters are relatively simple and straightforward. Always remember that in every automated process and a situation of self-representation, there is the risk of making serious mistakes that could cost you financially. Then the help of an experienced lawyer may be necessary for the proper conduct of the case.

Your divorce may be unique in some respects, and the online divorce companies may not cope with the complexity of your case. In order to handle any unique or unusual situations that may be a part of your divorce, hire a solicitor that will take into consideration every individual aspect of your matter. Moreover, online divorce companies are not recommended for couples with a contested divorce where they cannot agree on all the most important issues.

Online Divorce is the Best Case Scenarios for Some

Online divorces, besides the fact that they are legal in many counties, are especially easy to conduct when there is the goodwill of spouses. In situations where partners were married for a short period, and where there are no children involved, online divorce may be the quickest.

The same happens when there are no debts and little property to consider when splitting. Then, the dissolution of marriage will not be lengthy and probably will not be so stressful. The most important factor is that the couple agrees on the key issues, and both of the ex-partners do not want to respond in a way that can prolong the whole process.

Long-lasting marriages are more difficult to separate, because there may be minor children involved and notable debts and property to be divided. These factors can create a mood of disagreement, and thus, spouses are less willing to divorce online because the whole process requires the involvement of lawyers and individuals to fight for their goals. When a couple is involved in fighting and determining what is essential to whom the divorce will be much slower.


Online divorces are the most straightforward form of dissolution of marriage, and it is completely legal in many states. You can file at least some of the divorce papers online and even download the divorce forms from your state or county court’s website.

It is worth remembering that conducting an online divorce process works well in cases where the spouses agree on the fundamental matters determined in the trial. When there are no children involved, or a couple has already decided about child custody, things are greatly simplified. Online divorce is a very automatic and not specified process that implies mainly in uncomplicated cases.


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