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Mistakes Auto Accident Victims Make That Affect Success of a Lawsuit

Americans spend over 1 million days in the hospital each year from auto accident injuries. If you’ve recently suffered injuries from an auto accident, then you have a right to file an auto accident lawsuit.

But it doesn’t end there. You can unknowingly do something that will cause you to lose your case. Keep these tips in mind so that you don’t sabotage your lawsuit.

Failing to Document Your Injuries

If you suffer injuries in an auto accident, you need to document them. Take pictures immediately after the accident. If bruising develops over the next few days, take photos of them too.

You should also seek medical treatment immediately after and in the days after your accident.

Signing Your Rights Away

Never sign anything without your attorney looking at it first. The fine print can get hidden in the legal jargon that you may miss. This will cause you to unknowingly sign away your right to seek an injury claim later on.

Other releases may have you giving the insurance company access to your entire medical history. This violates your privacy.

Posting on Social Media

Don’t talk about your accident or your case on social media. The best thing to do is not to post at all.

Don’t think you’re safe because your profile is set to “private.” Investigators can find your posts, even if you have private settings engaged.

The insurance company and their lawyers will argue that you’re not really injured based on your social media posts. Remember, once you post something on the internet, it’s there forever.

Don’t Talk About Your Case

It’s tempting to talk about your case, but don’t do it. Defense lawyers, insurance companies, adjusters, and sometimes jurors will contact you to talk about the case. Do not engage with them.

The only thing you should do is direct them to your auto accident lawyer. Your attorney can answer any questions anyone may have.

Getting Caught During Surveillance

Once you file your claim, you need to be on your best behavior. Expect the insurance company to hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance on you. They will take photos and videos of you.

If you tried to do something questionable one day, admit to it. People will understand if you felt good one day and attempted to do more than your usual.

What people won’t understand is if you lie about what you’ve done. This makes you look untrustworthy and lack credibility. This will tarnish your reputation and make people question everything.

Missing Doctor’s Appointments

There is no excuse for missing your doctor’s appointments. This will be seen as not taking your claim seriously because you’re not that badly hurt. You need to show that you’re taking your recovery seriously and making every effort to heal.

Not Hiring Legal Representation

The legal process is a lengthy and complicated one. This becomes even more complicated when it’s an auto accident injury claim. You need experienced legal representation to ensure you ask for the entire amount possible.

Prepare for Your Auto Accident Lawsuit

If you’ve recently suffered injuries in an auto accident, then you may want to consider filing an auto accident lawsuit. The first step is to seek legal representation. From there, follow these tips to ensure you don’t sabotage your lawsuit.

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