Accident claims
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Accident Claims: When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you heard the statistic that claims 94% of all car accidents get caused by human error? While often propagated, this claim is misleading for a few reasons.

For one thing, the statistic comes from data obtained on-scene at crash sites. Police need to place blame during accident claims because it shortens the investigation.

During personal injury claims, this investigation will drag on for weeks (or months). If human error is the cause of an accident, then that person often assumes liability for the fallout.

If you recently got hurt and want to seek compensation, then you might need an accident lawyer. Read on to discover the top five signs that it’s time to hire a personal injury attorney to help you get justice.

1. Your Losses are Stacking Up

Personal Injury

After your injury, you needed medical care. Of course, that treatment wasn’t free. Make sure to keep a copy of your doctor’s diagnosis and any medical bills you get, too.

Next, consider what else you might have lost as a result of your personal injury accident. The most common types of losses include:

  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Decreased earning potential
  • Future medical costs

If you start to realize your losses are stacking up, then that’s the first sign you need a lawyer.

2. You’re Battling With Your Insurance

If you have insurance, then you’d expect them to pay you for the losses you suffered.

Have you found yourself in a battle instead? If your insurance company isn’t offering to pay you what you serve, then you need to enlist the help of a lawyer.

3. Your Injury Will Cause Long-Term Consequences

Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer

Another clear sign that an attorney is necessary is when your injury is significant. If your injury will cause long-term consequences, then you want to account for that in your claim.

A good lawyer will help you value losses like a loss of earning potential and future medical care.

4. The Other Party is Putting Blame on You

Even worse than your injury itself, is the other party saying you are to blame for the accident?

If so, then you need an attorney ASAP.

Otherwise, you could end up defending yourself.

5. You Have Legal Questions

How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffer from a personal injury, then you might simply need a lawyer’s advice and counsel. If you have questions, then you’re likely browsing through the Internet for answers. The Internet will never give you individualized counsel like injury lawyers can.

Rely on a qualified and experienced attorney to give you solid advice you can act on.

How to Handle Accident Claims Like a Boss

Have you noticed one or more of the signs above after experiencing a personal injury? If so, then take this as your sign to start researching injury attorneys in your area today.

You might think filing accident claims would be straight forward, but it’s not. You will likely face push back from other parties and even your own insurance company.

Are you looking for more legal advice to help you navigate the process? The good news is that we have plenty of advice for you here in our law directory. Keep browsing through our blog now to see more of our best content.

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