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Halt | October 9, 2020 | 0 Comments

A Tool That Will Help You Kickstart Your Career In Law

Whether you have watched too much Law & Order or have a genuine interest in laws, here you are, trying to start out in the legal industry. Being a young lawyer or paralegal is a hard and stressful place to be in, but it will probably pay you back with financial comfort and professional prestige in the future. Still, there are ways that can help you thrive during these first years of your career instead of surviving through them.

Loio is one of these ways. Loio is a digital tool that helps lawyers, paralegals, and everyone who drafts or proofreads legal documents. It’s a simple add-in, meaning that you install it on your Microsoft Word and turn on when you need assistance. So what makes it your potential secret weapon?

You see, paralegals, legal interns, and other lower positions in the hierarchy of the legal industry are usually stuffed with paperwork. Drafting at least ten pages of formal texts each day on top of business correspondence and reports is a common daily practice. Moreover, law firms usually don’t bother optimizing this area of work with legal software tools because these papers are simply not top-priority. No wonder that stress is dominating the legal services industry, according to the 2019 Resilience and Well-being report by the Junior Lawyers Division.

While you can’t get out there and demand change in the work ethics of law firms, you definitely can ease your path through the bureaucratic nightmare of first years of practice. That’s where you are going to need Loio.

Many consider the best legal document software to be expensive and available only to big law firms, but that is just a common misconception. The legal services industry is extremely diverse and people working on various positions usually have completely different needs and priorities regarding legal doc software.

Well, Loio does a great job of following your work, double-checking contracts and legal docs, and suggesting how to fix found issues. You don’t have to change your text editor — just install the add-in and turn it on every time you need to proofread a text or check the formatting and numbering in your docs.

Another thing that makes Loio a great option is its affordability. There’s no demo and you don’t need to apply for this legal documents software. You also don’t need to give your payment details to try out free three months. Instead, just install a free three-month trial, verify your email to enjoy full functionality, and start using Loio to speed up your daily document workload.

Everybody has their own unique strategies of coping with work-related stress and improving their productivity. Some focus on interpersonal relations at work, others try to improve their hard skills to go up the career ladder quicker. There is probably no single right answer to this. However, getting the advantage of affordable and simple legal documents software is definitely an option worth trying.

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