Divorces During Lockdown
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A Surge in Divorces During Lockdown

The previous 2019/2020 lockdowns across the United Kingdom took a psychological toll on married individuals, with divorce applications skyrocketing in the country. In 2020, a leading British law firm reported a 122% increase in inquiries from people searching for solicitors near me.

Charity Citizen’s Advice reported a surge in the number of searches seeking legal advice on ending relationships. It’s not just the United Kingdom that is going through a divorce crisis but also the United States, where there was just under a 35% increase in sales of basic divorce agreements.

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The same pattern was also seen across China, where there were even stricter lockdowns. It’s old news that Covid-19 has been negatively impacting relationships around the world. But, today, legal experts are now starting to understand the factors feeding into the Covid-19 break-up boom.

Here are some of the factors that have been affecting relationships during this Covid pandemic:

Implementation of Lockdowns: The fast lockdown implementation forced couples to spend more time together, thus acting as the main catalyst for divorce rates and breakups in the country. Previously, individuals’ separate routines would mask the problems constantly brewing in a relationship. But now that couples are forced to spend more time together, they’ve gotten a new perspective on things, especially when focusing on their domestic arrangement.

Disproportionate Responsibility: Reports have suggested that more females are filing for divorce with almost 76% of the new divorce cases initiated by women. Studies revealed that many women believed that since their partners were going to be spending more time at home, they would receive help with housework or the children. However, the reality was far from what many had imagined.

Mental Health Problems

Mental Health Problems: The spread of Covid hasn’t been smooth news to digest, causing a lot of fear among the population. The fear is not limited to just the spread of Covid in the country, but contracting it too. Those contracting Covid have to follow certain guidelines and take precautions to ensure they and their families remain safe. This fear has worsened an individual’s mental state, leading to mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and more.

Routine Disturbance: Studies showed that the pandemic not only took a toll on couples who were already facing issues but also on those who had never faced any issues prior to the pandemic. The number one reason for that was how the lockdowns affected their day-to-day routine. Stuck at home with their partners, individuals, now facing limited opportunities for stimulation, are struggling to cope with living at home and their relationships.

Money: With many businesses closed and decreased sales, employers are finding it hard to retain employees, leading to layoffs or part-time positions. This has caused a reduction in household income, creating a psychological and social strain on the men of the house. Anger and frustration from money problems could fuel domestic abuse.

Contact Legal Solicitors Today

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It is crucial to work on your relationships and seek advice from relationship experts. However, if your relationship has gone past the point of repair, it is best to seek friendly legal advice sooner rather than later.


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