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A Countdown To The Best Legal Divorce Tip For Seniors

When it comes time to part ways, you can hope that you can end the relationship amicably but that isn’t always the case.

Before you start working on your divorce, let us help you with the information below. Continue reading this article as we count down to the best divorce tip you need to know.

5. Try for Mediation

Even if you’re not feeling friendly, mediation can make your life a lot easier. You won’t have to go to court hearings and rehash the past or tear each other apart.

When you work with a mediator, they are not on your side or the opposing party’s side. A mediator’s goal is to get everyone to come to an agreement that they can be happy about without having to go to court and use lawyers.

4. Avoid Sleeping With Your Lawyer

If you do find that mediation isn’t an option, you might need to look into a lawyer.

Whether you’re looking for divorce lawyers for men or women, there are many reputable firms that can help you as you’re working to get the outcome you desire.

But don’t make the mistake of sleeping with your lawyer. You’re going through an emotional time but you need to keep this relationship professional. If you don’t keep this relationship professional, it could hurt your case.

3. Don’t Cause Family Division

When you’re splitting your household, it is easy to cause division — even when the kids are grown. Your children and grandchildren are used to visiting both of you together but when you can’t make it work anymore, there are going to be some changes.

Make those changes as smooth as possible and don’t encourage division. Don’t say bad things about your ex or make people feel like they need to choose sides.

2. Don’t Settle If You’re Not Satisfied

You may be ready to get your divorce over with and just want to say — have it! But you need to think about your financial future.

As a senior, you have upcoming medical expenses, housing and other things that you need to think about. Don’t settle simply because you can’t stand to go through the battling anymore.

1. Don’t Forget to Change Your Will

And for divorce tip number one, make sure you don’t forget to change your will. You’ve likely got your ex in your will as the sole beneficiary and you want to make sure the person you really want to have your things is listed vs. your ex.

Which Divorce Tip Spoke to You?

Now that you’ve read our number one divorce tip, is this the tip that made the most difference for you? Maybe one of the other tips spoke to you more and will help you as you navigate these murky waters.

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