Broken Collarbone
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A Broken Collarbone May Leave You With Serious Complications

One of the most crucial road safety precautions is wearing a seatbelt. According to the NHTSA, over half of road accident fatalities recorded in 2020 involved unbuckled vehicle occupants.

While the seatbelt may reduce your chances of dying in an accident, it can also inflict injury. One of the most common seat belt-related injuries is a broken collarbone.

The collarbone is the bone that connects your shoulders to the middle of your chest at the very top of your torso. The collar bears the most significant part of the force exerted by the safety belt as it prevents a vehicle occupant from being thrust forward in an accident.

Severed Blood Vessels And Scarring

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The severing of major arteries and veins is among the most common complications of a collarbone fracture. If you suffer a compound collarbone fracture, the bone fragments can rupture blood vessels under it, resulting in internal bleeding, which can be fatal if not arrested in time.

Besides severing arteries, bone fragments can rupture the skin over the fracture, which though they can heal, can leave permanent scars on the victim.

Also, bones must regenerate for a fracture to heal. Sometimes, bone regeneration can result in deformed bone shapes, leaving a person looking disfigured. While surviving an accident should be enough reason to be thankful, disfigurement can cause psychological problems to the victims, especially if physical appearance is essential to them.

Osteoarthritis And Prolonged Healing

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This common type of arthritis results from wear and tear in the joints, causing inflammation and developing with time, and is common among older adults. But there is another kind of arthritis known as post-traumatic arthritis resulting from trauma.

This type of arthritis can occur after a collarbone accident and affects individuals of all ages, including children. Arthritis usually causes inflammation and can be extremely painful. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis, which could mean living with it for the rest of your life. However, medication can help lessen its effect or prevent deterioration.

While simple collarbone fractures may resolve without much complication, compound fractures can result in poor or prolonged healing. Some common causes of poor or prolonged healing include infections at the point of injury and failure of the bone to regenerate fast enough, especially in older adults. Prolonged healing means that the victims will have to suffer pain, or stay out of work longer and incur costly medical bills.

What To Do If Another Person Is Responsible For Your Collarbone Fracture

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If your collarbone fracture results from the negligent actions of another car driver, you are within your right to file for compensation for damages suffered. Recoverable damages after a collarbone accident include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and psychological pain.

“There are several things you may need to do after an accident to guarantee that you will get a fair outcome in your case, with seeking medical attention being the most important,” says accident lawyer Lance Trollop of Bremer & Trollop Law Offices. Some collarbone injuries, especially when there is a significant artery severing, can be time-sensitive, so you need to seek help immediately after an accident.

You must follow through with your doctor’s treatment regimen to avoid gaps in your medical treatment. Also, you will need to contact a lawyer for help handling the technical parts of your claims process as you focus on healing.

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