9 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring
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9 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring

Getting into a divorce? It’s never easy, especially when it comes to discussing things like child custody and property distribution.

Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer to Hire a Divorce Attorney

One of the solutions to ease the process is questions to ask a divorce lawyer to hire the right divorce attorney. Don’t hire the first one you come across. There are crucial questions to ask a divorce lawyer to determine if he or she is the right person for your case.

Not sure what to ask? Uncertain if you found the right lawyer?

Try out our list below. Ask these questions to ask a divorce lawyer and check if your lawyer suits your needs.

1. What Kind of Cases Do You Focus On?

Keep in mind not all divorce lawyers specialize in the same type of case. You need to find a lawyer who has experience in similar cases as yours.

Does your divorce focus on cases involving child custody? Does he or she take cases involving divorce due to physical abuse or cases that require financial settlements?

Understanding their focus can help you with your specific case. The more experience they have, the more likely it is the divorce will go smoothly.

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2. What’s Your Fee Structure?

If I’m looking for a divorce attorney near me, the next questions to ask a divorce lawyer you want to ask is the lawyer’s fee structure. Let’s admit it, attorney fees can be a problem to many people. This is truer for the party who will be paying for the alimony in the end.

You want to have a divorce lawyer who is willing to explain their fee structure. How they will charge you can be helpful in managing your finances and prevent bill shock.

3. How Do You Handle Divorce Procedures?

Among things to ask for in a divorce, you want to ask them their approach in handling divorce procedures. Every state will have different family laws and procedures. You want your divorce attorney to be knowledgeable of the local laws and understand their pros and cons.

Many cases will have varying levels of complexity. Even then, hiring a divorce attorney with experience means they have a working knowledge of duration. Ask them for the estimate of what they think about the entire situation.

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4. What is Your Divorce Strategy?

While you’re questions to ask a divorce lawyer for the duration, also ask about their strategy. Your aim in a divorce is to separate as amicably as possible. Your next goal is to make sure you don’t get short-ended in the entire process on the financial end.

If I’m looking for divorce lawyers near me, I want to make sure that they lay out their strategy. You want to know what they would do with different situations that might arise.

5. How Will We Communicate?

Communication with your divorce lawyer is crucial during the divorce process. Before hiring, ask your attorney their communication strategy with you. This is crucial in case any vital information comes up or any changes happen.

How frequent can you connect with your representation? How will they communicate with you? You need to make sure to lay out what is the medium of communication that you are comfortable with.

Remember that this is your divorce. You have the right to make sure your attorney keeps you posted with any developments and vice versa.

6. What Are The Possibilities Of My Case?

One of the best things to ask them is to give you some hints on where your case can go off the rails. Whether or not they can provide some insight means they listened well and understands your case.

What are the strengths of your case? What are the weaknesses? Which areas would you need to work on to win the case?

These are crucial introductory questions to a divorce. If you are hiring a local divorce attorney, they need to know the best way to ensure a favorable outcome.

7. How Do You Handle Alimony Fees?

Alimony fees are one of the biggest problems when it comes to a divorce. Whether it’s litigation or settlement, alimony can make or break your case. Your divorce lawyer needs to know how to give you the best options in child support ask the it before the things to ask for in a divorce.

A divorce attorney should know how to give you the best chances as per state law. Each state has a different law when it comes to how much or even if a party gives alimony at all. If you are the one the case expects to give alimony, you want to find a way to minimize it.

You want your divorce attorney to make sure alimony fees are in your favor. When divorce lawyers can guarantee lower expenses, that’s a partial win. Hiring an expert family law attorney can help you secure alimony and can reduce all the unnecessary costs.

8. How Do You Handle Child Custody?

In any divorce proceeding, nothing takes precedence over child custody. You want your children to grow under your care. You need a lawyer that can fight for your right over your children and their future.

Apart from the emotional victory of keeping your children, it can also help you secure a financial win. Having child custody means being able to get alimony instead of giving it away.

In cases where child custody will go to your ex-spouse, you want to make sure you get ample visitation rights of things to ask for in a divorce.

9. How Do You Handle Dividing Marital Asset?

Hiring a divorce attorney means having a say on what properties you get. Dividing marital assets can become a problem. If you lose this portion, you could lose everything to your ex-spouse, from properties to your bank savings.

This can even ruin your life, which is why it’s crucial that your divorce lawyer understands how to win. Sure, many states have straightforward laws about assets, but many handle asset division via ruling.

What Are Things to Ask for in a Divorce?

There are many things to ask for in a divorce. Before hiring one, make sure that they have good experience in the field. The probable difference between a good life and a bad life after divorce is how good your lawyer is.

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