8 things every lawyer should have in their office
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8 things every lawyer should have in their office

The key to a successful career in law is being productive and staying on top of your schedule. It’s no secret that being a lawyer is difficult – in between the long hours, difficult cases and piles of paperwork, it’s hard to have time for anything else.

However, there are a few things I have learned throughout my career that maintain my reputation, set a strong first impression with my clients and keep my working environment perfect for keeping a cool head and getting things done. 

And no, I’m not talking about textbooks, motivational talks or online courses here. I’m talking about the things I have in my office! Everything I own has been specifically bought for a reason and I value them all for their individual purpose in keeping my head above water.

Here are 8 things every lawyer should have in their office

1. Tall bookshelves

I honestly believe that the more organized a room is, the better it is to work in. Making sure all of your law books are stored and displayed in a clean and tidy manner is one of the best ways to keep a clear head.

Choose bookshelves that match the other furniture in your office to make a good first impression with clients and to keep your room (and head) nice and neutral.

I opt for taller shelves like this one as they make any office seem larger and make room for my huge book collection.

2. Protein coffee

If I learned anything from my days at law school, it’s that if you’re going to learn anything then you need to be alert.

I discovered Complete Nutrition’s protein coffee blend a few months ago and it is now part of my daily routine. 

I’m often that busy that having a drink there as a snack that will fill me up with protein and give me a good caffeine boost is fantastic.

It also works great as a little push to get me to the gym after a long day. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of protein coffee, check out this article from Healthcare Weekly.

3. Framed corkboard

When I have a million items on my to-do list spinning around my head at once, I like to get them all down on paper. Not only does this allow me to visually organize my day, but it’s also a huge stress relief to get everything down and focus on one job at a time.

I invested in this framed corkboard a while back as it ticks all the practical boxes whilst looking great in my office.

I pin anything from client meetings to my shopping list on there to make sure I am super prepared and ready for whatever the day throws at me.

4. Set of pens

There’s nothing worse than being in a really important, complicated consultation and realizing you don’t have a pen handy.

It makes you look unprofessional and, quite frankly, just a little silly. That’s why I decided to buy my own Personalized Acrylic Pen & Pencil Holder. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, however spending just that little bit more on your stationary means you’ll take extra care of it so it never goes missing.

Plus, having my own personalized pen and holder shows my clients that I really do mean business.

5. Reusable water bottle

Before I decided to purchase a reusable water bottle, I’d spend a lot of time really dehydrated as I was so stuck into my work that I didn’t want to leave my desk. Not only was this bad for my health, but it also meant that much of my work didn’t make much sense by the time I’d finished because my brain wasn’t working as it should.

When a friend suggested buying a Kool8 Water Bottle, I decided to go for it. Not only can it keep my morning tea warm for 12 hours, but once I fill it up with water, that stays cool for up to 24 hours. 

This is so handy as even on the hardest, longest days, I still have a refreshing beverage with me to keep my body pushing on.

6. Desk lamp

We are all aware that being a lawyer isn’t a 9-5 job. Working long hours can be hard, especially if you’re grafting away into the night in a dark office. And sometimes, your usual office lighting just won’t do the trick.

I invested in a table light to not only keep me awake, but to protect my eyes from straining thanks to the long days looking at paperwork and screens.

Naturally, some parts of your office will feel darker than others. By adding more light, you’ll make the area much more inviting and comfortable to work in. It is also important to have a proper temperature to improve productivity working in the office, especially in the summer months. Check out this guide on the modern desk fans that every lawyer should have in their office and we hope you will choose the perfect one for your needs.

7. Envelopes

There are pretty obvious reasons as to why always having a nice pile of envelopes is handy as I lawyer. Despite the age of email, I use envelopes all the time and never like to be scrounging around for crumpled ones at the bottom of drawers.

Buying them in bulk is the most affordable solution out there to make sure you’re never caught short and having to waste time heading to the store.

You can browse various options here to choose the best type for you.

8. The perfect chair

Many do not realize how important a chair is in regards to how you work. I found that after spending a lot of time in my old, simple office chair that I was struggling a lot with a bad back. Investing in a chair you’re happy to spend hours and hours in is so important.

You should consider it as important as buying a new bed- you’re going to spend a lot of time there, so you need to be comfortable.

Consider browsing over a few here before making your decision.

Even if your perfect chair is a little more expensive than you’d hoped, at least you know it’s doing its best to look after your health.

This article is contributed by Nancy Huynh, senior marketing analyst at Digital Authority Partners


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