8 Reasons to Become Cisco Certified via CCNA 200-125 Routing and Switching Credential
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8 Reasons to Become Cisco Certified via CCNA 200-125 Routing and Switching Credential

Becoming CiscoCCNA R&S certified is a great way to boost your career in the field of networking. This is a great reason to get the certification on its own, but that’s just the top of the iceberg. In order to discover the wide variety of advantages of the CCNA Routing and Switching credential and why you should earn it, keep on reading.

1.: Cisco is anetworking leader.

Cisco is the leader when it comes to routing and switching technologies. It has the greatest market share and the largest mounted base across many businesses. The majority of current internet traffic works on network passages developed using Cisco infrastructure products. If you get certified and trained to do work on Cisco products, you and your skills will automatically become more in demand and preferred by employers.

2.: The CCNA R&S certification is the base of your career.

Since the creation of the CCNA 200-125 VCE Exam Dumps  program, the Cisco certifications have been in demand and sought-after among network engineers and hiring managers across the globe. According to a report from IDC, the Cisco skills are the most involved ones in hiring criteria. The understanding of network related topics, such as protocols, network infrastructure and how they correlate, has always been a need. In today’s time, this requirement has increased and intensified. The CCNA Routing and Switching certification instills in you the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of networking, even when new technologies keep emerging and evolving. When you study for the tests, you acquire knowledge that enables you to install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot the network infrastructure products that form the basis of development of network passageways that allowthe Internet traffic to flow smoothly.

3.:This Cisco certificate will provide you with greater career options.

Getting your CCNA Routing and Switching credential opens doors to limitless opportunities. According to research conducted by IDC, 7 out of 10 organizations search for some certifications when they hire or promotethe candidates. Cisco allows you to keep growing and excelling in the road of Routing and Switching by crossing professional levels one by one. You can also apply your basic skills to technologies, such as Cloud, datacenter, network programmability, wireless, collaboration and security. These technologies are growing and moving the field of IT forward. With the help of Cisco, you can take your career to whichever direction you want.

4. It will prepare you for the upcoming network solutions.

In this digital world, the network industry is experiencing a drastic change and every business is being influenced and transformed due to digitalization and the development of new technologies. Nowadays, the network structure depends on automation, analytics, cloud service management, virtualization and the capability of the designer to be approachable and open. According to research conducted by IDC, the network engineers and professionals are the most vital individuals for the future of IT in order to support such huge changes. The experts who wish to excel in IT networking must acknowledge and accept the change. Cisco has recently created its Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) to utilize the importance of current network and will continue to help you get familiar with it by starting with CCNA Routing and Switching.

5. The CCNA R&S credential keeps you on the same page as the technology.

Cisco constantly surveys and reviews the changes in the world if IT in order to stay updated about countless technological advancements that have a direct effect on the certification and your job as an IT professional. If to speak about CCNA Routing and Switching, Cisco has recentlyrevised the syllabus and included some topics related to understanding quality of service (QoS) aspects and their applications, network functions of firewalls, wireless controllers, access points, together with an emphasis on IPv6 and basic network security.

6. The Cisco certificatewill help you stand out.

Once you get your CCNA Routing and Switching credential, you have an evidence to show that you have the necessary skills required to peruse your career in networking and that you are determined and serious about your work. The employing managers respect such candidates and notice their determination. According to IDC, 82% of digital transformation leaders believe that the individuals with a certification are more innovative and boost the process. The certificates issued by Cisco are accepted across the world and hold great significance. The employers often use CCNA Routing and Switching as criteria for job selection and promotion.

7. It helps you increase your knowledge by learning from your peers.

CCNA Routing and Switching is a popular certification that is being adopted and earned by more and more professionals. This has enabled a lively community known as Cisco Learning Network to emerge. This community comprises over a million experts and professionals and is a great platform where members can help one study and gain more knowledge regarding different networking topics. Every member of the Cisco Learning Network has access to research material, training courses, study groups, peer-to-peer advice and etc.

8. Cisco offers access to a complete range of training solutions.

With the help of CiscoAuthorized Learning Partners, you can select from a complete collection of different training and learning solutions, which makes it easier for you to pass the exams and earn the relevant certificate. You can register yourself in an instructor-led training course, a virtual classroom, or practical labs for the ICND1 and ICND2 components. The Cisco Learning Network Store provides learning labs, self-paced e-learning and practice tests, which help you prepare for your exams. Besides, their authorized publisher Cisco Press offers a wide variety of study materials and resources.

In a nutshell

There is no doubt that the effort put into studying for the Cisco exams is worth it because the certificate offers a wide variety of benefits to the holder and help progress in the career. The Cisco credentials are recognized globally and your effort will never go to waste because Cisco constantly supervises its certificates in order to make sure they meet the IT requirements.


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