7 Ways to Support Friends or Family Undergoing a Legal Battle
Halt | April 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

7 Ways to Support Friends or Family Undergoing a Legal Battle

Legal battles are stressful no matter what kind they are. Anyone who is going through a battle will need support from his or her closest friends and family members. You may not know how you can help, but there are many ways you can. The following is a short list of seven ways you can support your loved one in the midst of a legal struggle or battle. This person will appreciate your participation and may have a brighter day because you contributed.

1. Avoid Judging Them

The most helpful way that you can support someone who is in the midst of a legal battle is to avoid judging them. For example, don’t put down someone who has a criminal charge against them because everyone is innocent until someone proves that person guilty. Try not to judge a victim of a crime either. Victims of certain crimes often receive the blame for “allowing” the crime to happen to them. You can be an amazing friend and supporter by refraining from doing that. Furthermore, don’t judge a person who is going through a divorce because the process is traumatic as it is. This person needs encouragement and reassurance that brighter days will come. You can be a light in the person’s life during dark times if you do everything you can to brighten each day.

2. Support Their Choices

Back your loved one up no matter what decision that he or she makes for the legal process. Support the individual whether that person is on the outside or inside of a criminal case. Attempt to understand the moves the person makes to preserve his or her integrity and self-confidence. In other words, stay in the person’s corner until the legal case ends because that person is going to need your friendship to stay grounded. Court cases have a habit of draining people emotionally. You can be the source of replenishment that a person needs during the most burdensome time of his or her life.

3. Lend an Ear

Your loved one will need you to lend an ear while he or she vents and gets rid of the tension that builds during the case. A legal case is a form of crisis, so everything you do will help. You may not think you’re doing much by listening and saying nothing, but you are. People need to talk about their fears, outcome desires, possible scenarios and other information while they advance through legal processes. Your kind, nonjudgmental ear will give them a chance to do that.

4. Conduct Research

You could also help your friend or family member by conducting research to find out more information about what the person is going through. For example, you could read information on recent cases to see their outcome. You can help your loved one understand the nature of the accusation and the consequences and rewards of such. You can research some law firms to see which one is the most reputable according to case statistics and client reviews. Your help in this area will mean a lot because legal cases are often exhausting. Participants feel comfortable having people who are close to them help with things. An attorney can provide most of the research and legalities, but you can act as an additional team member for this person and keep that person secure by doing so.

5. Provide Testimony or Presence

Another thing you can do to help is to provide testimony for the person. You can give your eye-witness account if you were there during the incident, or if you have vast knowledge of what occurred. You may be able to give an alibi if you know the person was with you at a time when an authority questioned his or her whereabouts. Your presence will be helpful even if you cannot provide testimony. Sometimes, just knowing someone is there is enough to soothe a person who is going through a legal battle.

6. Help Pay for Attorney Fees

Helping to pay for attorneys fees is an immediate means of support if you have it. Your friend or family member is going to need a good attorney from cnglawyers. You can help to make that happen by contributing money. Money doesn’t solve everything, but it can surely motivate an attorney to work hard for the one you love. It will also take some of the stress off the other person’s back. That person won’t feel such a heavy weight on the shoulders if financial support is available.

7. Help With the Family

If you don’t have the monetary means to help, you could assist the person in other ways. The individual is going to have a lot on his or her mind, so you can share some of the responsibilities that can cause burnout. For example, you can offer to run errands for the person such as grocery shopping or housekeeping. You can offer to pick the children up and spend some time with them so that your loved one can get a break. You can offer a vast assortment of helpful things that don’t cost a penny. Don’t think that you aren’t needed or that you can’t be helpful. You are, and you absolutely can.

Get involved in your loved one’s legal battle right away to show that person that you care and have faith in them. Your support may be the weight that tips the legal scale in that person’s favor.


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