7 Secrets to Finding Good Accident Lawyers
Halt | February 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

7 Secrets to Finding Good Accident Lawyers

Workplace falls are more prevalent than ever with businesses paying out over 80 billion dollars a year to injured employees.

And guess what?

Falls barely scratch the surface of accidents that people collect settlements on.

If you’ve incurred an injury as a result of an accident that you suspect was due to negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, suffering, and other physical and emotional traumas.

Your first step to collecting what you’re owed is hiring good accident lawyers to manage your case.

Below, our team shares seven important secrets to keep in mind when you’re seeking out legal representation for injuries.

1. Specialization Matters

There are a lot of different facets of law. Hiring an off-topic lawyer, like say, one who specializes in criminal law for your personal injury case is a big mistake.


Because good accident lawyers live and breath personal injury cases. They know the judges that try these cases, they know the subtleties of getting settlements, and they know exactly what paperwork needs to be filed in order to keep your claim on track.

That kind of expertise will be invaluable when it comes to getting a favorable settlement.

2. A Willingness to Go to Trail Is a Must

The last thing anybody wants on either side of a legal dispute is to go to trial. Trials are time-consuming, costly, and the outcomes of trials are highly unpredictable, which makes all parties nervous.

The truth is though, some personal injury cases don’t result in a clean settlement. If the party you’re suing using isn’t offering you the settlement amount you’re looking for, your attorney has one of two options.

They can accept the low-ball offer you’re getting or go to court to fight for what you want.

If the attorney you bring on isn’t open to taking your case to court if necessary, you should look for other representation.

3. Ask for Win-Rates and Average Settlement Amounts

Good accident lawyers are well aware of how often they win in court.

If they have an excellent win-rate, they’ll probably showcase it in their marketing. If they have a not so excellent win-rate, they’ll try to sweep their record under the rug.

Don’t let your prospective attorney get away with that.

Ask your attorney how many cases they represent and how many of those result in settlements for their clients. Then, ask how much the average settlement amount they pull in is.

If you’re unimpressed with their answers, or if they’re unwilling to share, move on.

4. Understand How Long They’ve Been in Business

Experience matters when you’re hiring good accident lawyers. The longer they’ve been doing what they’re doing, the less mistake-prone they’ll be.

Experience also tells you that your attorney has an extensive network of legal contacts that could help grease the wheels for getting your case to a favorable outcome quickly.

Every lawyer has to start somewhere, so we don’t fault “new firms on the block”. We just don’t think you should risk letting them get their start with your livelihood on the line.

5. Look for an Attorney That’s Willing to Educate You

Many sub-par attorneys may take on your case and then keep you in the dark as to what’s going on. These attorneys are usually more interested in getting your work done and collecting their money than they are in giving you their best effort.

Bottom line, always give special preference to attorneys willing to offer more information. You’ll find that they’ll make you feel comfortable and confident as they manage your case.

6. Word of Mouth Is a Powerful Thing

There are excellent online directories that can help you find attorneys. Our team at Halt.org believes we offer the best one available.

Still, we think it’s also important you talk to people in your community when seeking out legal representation. Somebody that you know may be on good terms with a local legal professional that could offer you preferential treatment since you were referred.

You never know until you ask, so tap into your immediate network in addition to taking your legal search to the world wide web.

7. Consider Talking to More Than One Legal Professional

There are no fixed rates among lawyers. That means 10 different attorneys might offer you 10 different deals when it comes to legal representation.

Furthermore, different attorneys will have different interpretations of your case and ideas on how to manage it.

To make sure you’re getting the best representation and offer that’s out there, consider talking to a couple of legal professionals before deciding on a lawyer.

There are almost certainly plenty of lawyers in your vicinity, and it never hurts to know what each of them has to offer.

Wrapping up Secrets to Finding Good Accident Lawyers

There are a lot of bits of wisdom you can lean on when looking for good accident lawyers. We think the tips we’ve shared above are among the most important that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Armed with our insight, you’ll be able to find a high-quality lawyer quickly that will take good care of you and your case!

If you’re looking for outstanding legal representation in your area, our team at Halt.org can help.

Halt.org offers one of the deepest legal directories that you can find online, which you can leverage right now to find good lawyers nearby.

Try our tools and get the representation you’re looking for today!


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