what does a private investigator do
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7 Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

Perhaps you have suspicions that your other half is being unfaithful, or you suspect an employee of dishonesty? And what does a private investigator do? Maybe you’re embroiled in a complex insurance case or need to prove a case of information theft.

Hiring a private investigator is a practical next step when faced with a situation that’s left you out of your depth. Here in this guide about what does a personal injury lawyer do, we’ll cover the benefits of hiring a PI.

Who Are Private Investigators?

First, it can help to clarify terms. Private investigators (PIs) often have police, military or security background. They are experts in a variety of areas, including adultery, child abuse, financial scams and criminal cases such as murder.

PIs will have a range of clients, both individuals and businesses. They work closely with colleagues in testing laboratories, for example, on DNA tests, or other complex investigations.

What Does a Private Investigator Do?

Depending on what clients ask them to do and what does a private investigator do, PIs offer the following services:

  • Infidelity – restoring deleted texts and emails, collecting evidence (photos, videos)
  • Missing persons – monitoring and investigating, restoring deleted messages
  • Child custody – finding evidence of ex-partner’s activities, restoring deleted messages
  • Scouting – investigating an employee, or child’s whereabouts
  • Speeding – carrying out driver checks to prepare a case for the police
  • Identification – collecting and analyzing fingerprints and DNA
  • Employee monitoring – making test purchases to investigate employees or suppliers
  • Security consultations – providing advice on security for businesses and vulnerable people
  • Tax information – conducting anonymous research on businesses
  • Forgery – determining who’s behind written forgeries

Still not convinced? Read on to discover why hiring an expert PI could help you about what does a private investigator do and their benefits:

1. Conducting Background Checks

Your PI will follow proven procedures to get to the truth, including conducting a thorough background check on the person at the center of the investigation. They are also likely to have more information at their fingertips than you.

2. Drawing On Experience

Investigations are often complex. Untangling the many clues, or red herrings, is best left to an experienced professional. Your PI will be well-versed in which techniques and procedures yield the best results.

3. Handling Complexity

Complex cases can be stressful and have the potential to get out of hand. With a trained PI at the helm, you can relax, knowing that he or she has the skills to contain or defuse the situation.

4. Gathering Evidence

When it comes to legal proceedings, the evidence is key, and your PI knows that. They’ll understand how and where to look to put together evidence backing your case.

5. Understanding Legal Procedures

Your PI knows how vital it is that they, and you, comply with the legal process. Otherwise, your case could fail despite all of the hard work invested in finding evidence. Your PI can give you advice on how to get the best results you’re seeking.

6. Guaranteeing Anonymity

It will be extremely difficult for you to investigate somebody who’s known to you. However, your PI is unknown to the person in question. They also have the skills and experience to minimize his or her presence.

7. Working Efficiently

Hiring a PI to do the job for you will save you time. With their experience and network of collaborators, your PI will be able to get to the bottom of things much quicker.

Finally …

Your PI is a resourceful professional with access to a range of advanced equipment. They can utilize anything from GPS vehicle tracking devices to specialist photographic and video equipment, plus hi-tech microphones.

He or she will display the conclusions of their investigation with a written report. She or he also may provide DVD footage and photographic evidence as appropriate. Looking for results what does a private investigator do? This could be money well-spent.


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