6 Things You Shouldn't Say To an Employment Lawyer
Halt | June 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To an Employment Lawyer

When your employer does something and you have a case against them, your first course of action is to contact a labor and employment law firm. Doing this could help you get an employment lawyer to represent your case. Nevertheless, you get rejected over and over again.

It might be that your case is not as good as you thought, or because you said something erroneous to the lawyer. Some things can easily turn them away so if you said any of the following phrases, do not be surprised the attorney turned his back.

1.     “Other Lawyers Would Charge Me Less”

Some attorneys charge more than others, but they are working more for their clients’ cases or because they are more experienced. If you want to have a good lawyer and win your process, don’t be petty and blame them for how much they charge. It’s their work after all, and they spent years gaining the experience, thus have the right to set their quote. Expect to be charged more sometimes, but do not complain.

2.     “My Past Lawyers Did not Pry About My Personal Interest”

This is, most likely, untrue. Attorneys usually make sure the situation is in your best interest. If you set your expectations too high and they weren’t realistic, then it’s not on the attorney, but on you. Telling this to a potential lawyer will make them think poorly about you.

3.     “I would Like to Negotiate the Fee Over Phone”

Fees are already quoted and cannot be negotiated. The lawyer chooses how much he charges for their services. Consequently, refrain from saying this if you want them to consider your case.

4.     “This Is an Easy Win”

Is it, really? If the case is so easy, why do you need a lawyer in the first place? Keep in mind that attorneys work hard to obtain their status, so if they win, it has nothing to do with how easy your claim is. There are situations when attorneys lose. If they win, it’s because of their skills and not an unchallenging case.

5.     “I Want a Pro Se Lawyer”

Lawyers have become lawyers not only because they like it.  They also need to make money and feed their families too. As such, they won’t work for free, and should not. There are no-cost services that might work if you need it, but not employment attorneys.

6.     “I Didn’t Fill Out the Questionnaire”

A questionnaire is necessary if you want the lawyer to have every fact that could help the case. Attorneys are busy and don’t have time to ask for every single piece of evidence. Make sure to always fill out everything that will be favorable to your claim.

When seeking the help of an employment attorney, you need to show respect and professionalism. Don’t utter the above phrases, or every lawyer will reject you. Make sure to behave suitably and build a good relationship.


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