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5 Top Tips for Writing Law School Essays

The nightmare all law school students confront is dealing with essays. It is always daunting and time-consuming. Not to mention the difficulty of such assignments, as a student has to demonstrate their perfect grasp of the material, ability to solve real lawyer-like solutions, as well as follow all the academic rules and standards of composing. That is why, many learners fall into despair not know how to deal with such an assignment.

If you have faced the ordeal of crafting a law school paper, this article will help you get the general idea of what it is all about and how to do write it smart. We have singled out 5 effective tips to make composing an essay easier, so check them out.

1. Make Sure You Get the Gist of the Task

Being overwhelmed with the idea of writing an essay, we often forget the important things, like understanding the task itself (however, it is already halfway to success). In other words, reading a question carefully, realizing what type of essay it should be is crucial to get good grades. It is a vital point at crafting a paper, as the way you understand the assignment will guide you through all the difficulties.

For this reason, let’s start with the essentials. Generally, there are three types of law school essay assignments: legal theory, legal reform, and legal history. Depending on the type of the task, the way it should be completed will differ, so make sure you read the assignment carefully.

2. Planning is the Key to Everything

When you are done with examining your task and ready to go further, it is time for planning your work and managing your time. It is another critical step. Lack of planning is always the main reason students fail to meet the deadline or face the writer’s block.

According to LegitWritingServices essay help and best law essay writing services review site, it is best to break your writing process into small blocks (dedicate time for collecting data, conducting research, examining the material, taking notes) etc. For one thing, it will be easier for you to schedule your composing process. For another, it will help you avoid procrastination, as it is way easier to focus on a completion of a small task without being overwhelmed.

What is more, planning is also about writing an outline for your essay. This way you will organize your thoughts beforehand, and therefore, avoid writer’s block, as well as jumping from one thought to another.

3. Stick to the Rules

As any academic paper it has to do with the rules and standards. Otherwise, the mark will be lowered. The essential standards include: following the exact formatting style, structuring a paper according to requirements, meeting the words quantity rules, and referencing the sources the right way.

It may seem like something one shouldn’t care much, but in fact, it affects the whole impression of your essay. It truly does.

Another thing to keep in mind is the personal demands your professor may have. It is like the golden rule if you want to get high grades. Every professor/institution may have their specific preferences in style and formatting, so make sure you are aware of them.

What is more, writing a good essay goes together with flawless grammar and appropriate language choice. That is why let’s have a quick look at the next tip.

4. Avoid the Common Mistakes

Say no to casual or informal language style. It is an academic assignment, so the style should be appropriate. “I don’t think that she is right” is not the way to discuss some scholar’s point of view. Needless to say, that any colloquialisms or slang will also be regarded as mistakes that can significantly lower your mark, so avoid them as well.

As we have already mentioned, it is vital to follow rules. Still, the most common mistake learners make is citing cases or legislation incorrectly. Don’t fall into the same trap, and learn the rules regarding citations and referencing material that will work particularly for your institution.

Most importantly, you cannot avoid dealing with citations, as it is impossible to write a law school essay without citing sources. Otherwise, your legal argument will be almost meaningless.

5. Don’t Question Proofreading

Last but not least advice will be proofreading and editing your paper. The thing is that we can easily get caught in the flow of thought, and as a result make some unintentional grammar or spelling mistakes. That is why, it is almost obligatory to proofread your paper on your own and/or let your classmates or family do so. However, do not let too many people read your paper, as too much feedback is not often a good idea, because it may get you confused.

The best way is to first write your paper, then forget about it for several days and finally get back to it and read it with fresh eyes. Try to change the perspective and imagine as if you were your professor. Check your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes. Polish some sentences if they need slight amendments to sound more convincing. Treat this part of the writing process as serious as writing itself.

Final words

Remember that writing an essay for law school is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. It is all about your ability to manage your time, search for the material, express your ideas and support your arguments in a persuasive manner.

As a bonus advice we will recommend you to deal with your emotions and feelings. Fear and anxiety are two main enemies that may be on your way to writing a good essay. That is why, our last piece of tip will be take a deep breath to calm your nerves and believe in yourself, because ‘Yes, you can’.


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