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5 Things to Remember If You’re up Against False Accusations in Court

False Accusations: People can make you crazy. If they make accusations that are clearly (or unclearly) false, your reaction matters a lot. Psychology Today notes, “If you are not believed, if you cannot fight back with the true story, if now you are distrusted and under scrutiny, the sense of helplessness is overwhelming.”

What is About False Accusations?

If the false accusation happens to be that you committed a sex crime, the results can be devastating. Those accused often feel judged guilty before the facts are even heard. Unfortunately false sex offender allegations are easily made with little to no evidence by someone with an agenda or axe to grind.

Given the potentially catastrophic consequences of a sex crime allegation, it is critical to quickly consult an attorney with expertise in all the best sex crimes attorney defenses to use to vigorously protect you from being charged with a sex offense.

What to do if you’re up against false accusations?

You should do this types of activities when you are up against false accusation.

Come to grips with the false accusation

  • False allegations are upsetting. No one appreciates being called a “liar” when there’s so much at stake. Still, you can’t let it get to you.

You should sit and breathe deeply. Lose your cool, and you will miss what is going on. If you expect to argue against the false accusations, you must listen. If you are going to turn these accusations around, you don’t want to complicate the situation with emotional outbursts. Anger and dramatics only stretch you emotionally and exhaust your energy.

Plan your comeback

  • Legal representation would urge you to organize your thinking and support. The “false” accusations could be mistakes, miscommunications, or misunderstandings. Reasonable people can work out such things.

So, it is in your interest to plan a response with notes, records, receipts, journal entries, phone reports, bank accounts, and so on. If you have the evidence, you can organize an alternative defense against the accusations. In some cases, this means calling on witnesses to the event or to your version of the issue.

Get a lawyer

  • Some courts don’t admit attorneys. But, if you are called to other civil courts, you should have representation. In Civil Court, false accusations can have big consequences, so you want the legal advice to represent your interests. With the potential for criminal charges or financial damages, you need representation

Court procedures usually have a mandatory settlement negotiation. False accusations or not, you may want to reach a settlement to save yourself expenses and emotional costs.

Keep it to yourself

  • In a criminal case, the police will advise you of your right to avoid self-incrimination. The wording of criminal charges may upset you, but there will be time to make your case.

You shouldn’t answer questions until your attorney is present. The lawyers self represented archives will meet with you in private about what you did or didn’t do. And, you will leave it to the attorney to frame your response. Likewise, you want to reject any plea deal that lacks your lawyer’s input.

Turn the case around

  • Some false accusations amount to a case deserving financial damages. You could sue for damages to your reputation and earnings potential. Slander and libel justify a lawsuit on your part.

The false accusations can amount to an abuse of the legal process and/or malicious prosecution. When the false accusations are deliberate and malicious, you have the right to recovery. Such events are rarely a matter of a mistake, misunderstanding, or miscommunication.

Up against false accusations?

Psychologist Dr. Phil says, “Accept that there is no way you can erase what has happened. Even though the accusations may be unfair and untrue, the situation is real. You need to get out of denial about that in order to deal with it in the here and now.”

If you can get a hold of this advice you can proceed with the five things you need to remember when you’re the victim of false accusations.


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