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5 Reasons You Need a Small Business Lawyer

Getting sued sucks. Having to sue also sucks.

But what can make it suck less, or even turn into a positive for your small business, is a good lawyer.

And that need for trying to turn a negative into a positive is a wider reality than most will admit. One survey shows that 60 percent of small businesses have experienced a significant legal event in the two years before the survey.

Lawyers aren’t only needed for pursuing or defending against litigation. These professionals provide a service that is often invaluable to a small or upstart operation.

Here are the five reasons you would need a small business lawyer.

1. When Starting a Business

If you’ve never set up a business before, or you have an idea on how to start that you haven’t tried before, consult with someone who can walk you through the hurdles of corporate structures, bylaws, and basic strategies before running headlong into the unknown.

Each state has different structures that require different items for compliance. A bar-admitted lawyer that specializes in corporate law will help you get going in the right direction.

2. When Trying to Protect Intellectual Property

Your great idea for your business will make you money. You need to know how to protect it, especially if you have a genuine belief that your idea is fundamentally different than what’s come before.

Patent, trademark and other intellectual property lawyers can ensure that you don’t infringe on other people’s rights and ensure that your rights to that intellectual property remain intact.

3. When in Disputes with Employees or Vendors

It’s all too common that some accident or that someone with ill intent will cause some kind of employee dispute. Even if there is no fault on the part of the employer, everyone has a right to seek redress through the courts. These issues can range from basic contract disputes all the way up to workplace injury issues which can have a wide range in the type and the size of the compensation.

Bert Louthian of the Louthian Law Firm says that work injury compensation can cover everything from hospital bills to emotional trauma.

4. Collections from a Small Business Lawyer

Not everyone will pay what they owe for the goods or services that your business provides. There will be a time to forcibly collect on the debt owed.

But there are right ways and wrong ways to do that. A small business lawyer will know what remedies are available and the processes that surround those remedies.

5. Document Review

Not every business’s interaction will be so damaging or dramatic; sometimes it will be great news. Small business lawyers will be able to read the documents that make up the foundation for new agreements, service agreements, merger or ownership transfer documents.

Having a sharp legal mind review those will help avoid signing your name to something you might regret later.

A Small Business Lawyer Is Right for You

It’s not a matter of if or when you will need a lawyer. It’s a matter of what kind of service you will need. Hit up our directory, which you can sort by locations and specialty, to find the right small business lawyer for you.

Let us know how we can help you do what you do.

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