5 of the Most Common Causes of Accidents with Injuries in Los Angeles
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5 of the Most Common Causes of Accidents with Injuries in Los Angeles

Anyone living and working in Los Angeles probably thinks that traffic along the I-5 corridor through the county is about as bad as it gets in the United States. Actually, that’s ‘almost’ true! Yes, traffic is congested but you may be interested in learning that according to statistics listed in Forbes online magazine, LA is only the 5th most congested! Ahead of Los Angeles are Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York City respectively. Even so, that doesn’t help when there are so many traffic accidents with injuries in Los Angeles. So other than road rage and impatience in traffic, what are the five of the most common causes of car accidents with injuries? Check this out!

5 of the Most Common Causes of Accidents with Injuries in Los Angeles1. Distracted Driving

If you haven’t already done so, do yourself a favor and get a Bluetooth earpiece for that blasted cell phone! Although the other causes of accidents with injuries are in no particular order, distracted driving holds the lead in no uncertain terms. If you’ve been injured due to a distracted driver, the first thing you should do is hire a  car accident attorney who can get you the just compensation you deserve. With so many types of hands-free apps and devices, there is no reason for such negligence! See to it that you are compensated!

2. Traffic Volume

Getting back to the sheer volume of traffic in LA, it stands to reason that this could be a huge cause of accidents, especially during rush hour. Not only will you be literally gridlocked in traffic on the interstate but you will feel that frustration on city streets as well. Too many drivers become impatient waiting for traffic to begin moving and this is where heat and rage take over. Drivers tend to want to make their own “passing laws” but with serious consequences. This is another time that a lawyer would come in handy. Any driver that can’t control their emotions when behind the wheel should pay the consequences – or get off the road!

3. Intoxication

In a state with legal medical and recreational marijuana, you’d think that pot is a leading cause of driving under the influence in California. Actually, alcohol still takes the lead and, unfortunately, is the leading cause of traffic fatalities among teenagers in LA. This is according to LAPD.

4. Dangerous Lane Changes

Here again, gridlock and impatience in all that traffic can lead drivers to make dangerous lane changes. Have you ever been at a standstill on the 5 when all of a sudden a vehicle swerves out from behind you into a lane not meant for traffic? It could be the shoulder on either side of the road, but those illegal lane changes are often the cause of serious accidents on the highway,

5. Speeding

Speeding is also a leading cause of accidents with injuries but usually, it is accompanied by other offenses at the same time. Speeding, along with tailgating, dangerous lane changes and distracted driving can increase the odds of an accident many times over.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the carelessness of another driver, know that you do have recourse. Hire a lawyer at your earliest convenience before you speak to anyone. Be careful what you say to officers at the scene and always make sure to let your lawyer do the talking after that initial contact. You deserve to be compensated, so let them get the settlement you so rightfully deserve.


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