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5 Great Outsourcing Options for Law Firms

Outsourcing has become a common practice for many companies and industries. Companies love it because it allows them to save their resources, maintain their efficiency, and have a better workload for their employees.

You might think law firms would be an industry that is exempted from outsourcing, but you could not be more wrong. Law firms, big and small, have taken advantage of the benefits of outsourcing some jobs that could increase the workload of some of their most essential employees.

So to make sure that essential employees are not stuck on tedious jobs, law firms have resorted to outsourcing.

Here are some of the most common jobs that are outsourced by law firms

1. Legal Transcription

The need for a legal transcriptionist depends on the amount of work or cases that law firms handle. Like any other business, the workload of law firms is not constant. Sometimes, they would have a lot of work that needs transcription. There would also be times when they have fewer workloads.

Thus, it is irrational to hire too many transcriptionists when their job is not constant. A better solution would be to outsource it to a legal transcription company. With their help, you have access to talented and experienced transcriptionists and they will only be paid according to the work they have done.

2. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential for any company with a lot of employees on board. After all, employees and taxes have to be paid on time and correctly. The same can be said for law firms.

Outsourcing this job offers a lot of benefits for your firm. One of them is that you will have access to high-quality work from accountants and bookkeepers. They can also do the work accurately and beat deadlines without a problem.

You can also lessen the chances of fraudulent activities in your own firm’s finance department when you outsource. They can also produce the type of financial report that would suit your needs and give you information that would lead you to make better financial decisions.

3.Information Technology

Whether you are looking for a web developer or someone to create a good system in place for your technical needs, creating your firm’s own IT department should be considered carefully.

First, you should know that the bulk of the work when you are making a website or a database for your firm’s documents for easy searching is largely in the first phase – the creation part. The next part is the updating and maintenance, which is not that difficult to do anymore.

A third-party IT company can help you with your updating and maintenaning your website. However, if you have a very large law firm, creating your own IT department may also be more practical than outsourcing.


Paralegals are essential so lawyers can do their job without the need to do the tedious paperworks. They act as the legal secretary that organizes and drafts paperworks and contacts witnesses.

Although there seems to be a need for a paralegal to be close to the lawyer, that is not the case anymore. With the use of the internet and computer, a lawyer can contact and delegate tasks to an outsourced paralegal to get tasks done.

Hiring a paralegal would mean that you pay them a fixed salary. However, be reminded that there won’t always be a job for them to do. Hence, you can offer them a project-based salary.

5. Legal Researcher

A researcher is very helpful to lawyers when they are preparing to litigate a case. Researchers look into the details of the case and find related cases that lawyers can study to help win their case.

Researchers can also look at evidences and existing laws that can be used for their case. They also find experts that can help in litigation.

Thus, it is a wise decision to outsource the job. This way, you can find experienced legal researchers easily and still save money, especially if you are just a startup or a small law firm.


It might come as a surprise that even law firms are also outsourcing some jobs. However, outsourcing is the new normal for any companies. If they believe they can save more resources if they outsource the jobs, then they will.

Outsourcing means you only have to pay for the time they work. So if you are swamped and need a hand, they can give you help. When you don’t have an existing project for them, then you don’t have to pay them.

Legal researchers, paralegals and other jobs are just some of the common jobs being outsourced. Some firms outsource more jobs, especially when they are slumped with too many cases and tasks to do.

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