5 Common Car Accidents
Halt | August 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

When It Hits the Fan: Know These 5 Common Types of Car Accidents

Anyone using the road can get into a car accident. You may be a cautious driver but not everyone else is careful. Some people drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some drive while using their cell phones. Some apply makeup or drive while they are exhausted. Some people simply drive too fast. Any of these can cause a car to crash into you, leaving you will financial and legal battles on your hands. Derrick Law Firm can solve your legal issues. This post will help you to be more informed about the most common types of accidents.

Head-on collisions

These are the accidents which cause the most road deaths. They may involve one car barrelling into another or hitting a stationary object like a wall, pole, street sign or even an animal. A driver who is impaired and/or driving too fast can lose control of the vehicle and crash into something. If there is fog in the atmosphere or it’s raining or snowing, these accidents are more likely to happen. Both drivers and passengers can be seriously injured in such crashes since they bear the impact head-on. Concussions, internal injuries, and broken limbs are common.

Rear-end collisions

These are the most common types of accidents. They often occur when the vehicle in front stops suddenly or slows down unexpectedly. The driver of the second vehicle may also be distracted and not paying attention to what is happening in front of him. They may also be in a rush and tailgating. Rear-end collisions can cause several injuries including whiplash.

T-bones or side impact collisions

These typically occur at a junction when one driver does not yield the right of way to another. Thy can result in serious injuries and significant damage to the vehicle which bears the impact. It depends on the speed at which the cars were traveling.

Lane-changing accidents

A distracted or drunk driver is likely to veer out of their lane and collide with a vehicle or pedestrian. A driver may also overestimate how much space he has as he tries to merge into another lane. Such an accident may be little more than a fender bender if the drivers aren’t going at fast speeds. If there is any disagreement over who is at fault, you may need an attorney to help you deal with the insurance companies.

Multi-vehicle pileups

Crashes involving three or more vehicles typically happen on highways and they can be very dangerous. Cars can get hit multiple times at varying angles and drivers may become trapped. Because of the amount of metal involved, drivers and passengers can suffer whiplash, paralysis and internal injuries. If pedestrians or cyclists get caught up in the crash, they may be at even greater risk of getting hurt.

Car accidents can occur in several ways. They can leave you shaken and injured, with damage to your vehicle. The five types of accidents listed above are the most common. If you sustained serious injuries or property damage in either, you should contact a car accident attorney.


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