5 Benefits of Hiring a Workers Comp Attorney in 2019

Every day, roughly 12,600 employees are injured at work.

If you’ve been in an accident that you know wasn’t your fault – and was even directly caused by your company’s negligence – you deserve to be compensated.

You shouldn’t have to pay for medical bills, deal with lost wages because you can’t work, and have to shoulder the emotional toll the accident had on you on your own.

You don’t deserve financial ruin on top of everything else.

It’s time to hire a workers comp attorney.

But what is having a workers comp lawyer on your side the right move?

Read on to find out.

1. The Potential to Increase Your Settlement Amount

Today’s employers pay out about $1 billion every week in workers compensation costs.

But what if your company can afford to hire the best representation? What if your own insurance company is denying you coverage? What if the company is incorrectly claiming the accident was your fault?

It can be tough to get the compensation you deserve.

A workers comp attorney fights for you to get the highest possible amount of compensation, whether your case goes to trial or if you choose to settle out of court.

2. They’ll Handle the Paperwork

You don’t have the time – or even the physical strength – to collect medical records, gather witness statements, and file the proper court documents for your case.

What’s more?

You certainly don’t have the expertise or the understanding of the way the legal system works in the way that a workers compensation attorney at Mann Law Firm or another legal professional does.

Incorrectly filing paperwork, a failure to present insurance and medical records, and missing filing deadlines can destroy your case.

A worker compensation lawyer can break down the legalese and bureaucratic red tape on your behalf. This way, you can focus on healing.

3. They’ll Help You Pursue Long-Term Benefits

Many people just aren’t aware of how many different kinds of awards you might be eligible for within a workplace/personal injury lawsuit.

For example, you could win wage loss replacement, medical treatment coverage, coverage for travel expenses to receive medical treatment, and even file a third party liability civil lawsuit.

If your injuries are particularly severe and mean you may not be able to work again in the future, you can pursue permanent disability benefits.

These benefits mean that you’ll still be able to provide for yourself and your family even if you are no longer employable in your field.

Now Is the Time to Hire a Workers Comp Attorney

If you’ve been injured at work, you shouldn’t attempt to handle your case on your own.

Hire a workers comp lawyer as soon as possible.

Remember that most workers comp lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means you’ll only have to pay once the case is closed and you’ve won the settlement you deserve.

Want to know what to look for in the right workers comp attorney?

Curious about what you can do to better protect yourself – or your employees – in the workplace?

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