4 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Workers' Comp Attorney
Halt | August 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

4 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Someone gets injured at their place of work about once every 7 seconds.

While in some cases, the accidents are minor and clearly the fault of the employee, in other cases, the company’s negligence is obviously to blame.

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit against your company, you need to have the right workers’ comp attorney on your side.

Read on to learn which questions will help you to determine if a potential workers comp lawyer is the right choice for your case.

1. “What Are Your Credentials?”

Keep in mind that the credentials of a workers’ comp attorney go far beyond where they went to school and how many years they’ve been in practice.

You also need to know if they’re a member of any legal clubs/organizations, their trial record, how they continue their education, and, of course, if their license is valid in your state.

Also, ask how many times they’ve gone to trial vs. settled out of court, and their experience with cases similar to your own.

2. “How Much of a Settlement Could I Receive?”

Next, ask the workers comp lawyer what kind of a settlement they believe your case could realistically reach.

You should also ask what that compensation will cover. Will the company be responsible for your medical bills separate from the settlement amount? If so, what kind of treatment or payment limits may be in place?

Will you be eligible for disability payments? What about your family if you’re permanently disabled and can’t work in the future?

3. “Who Will Work on My Case?”

Your attorney will likely seek the help of other legal professionals while working through your case.

You need to know exactly who has access to your information, how the fee for their time works, and their credentials.

You don’t want to get stuck paying for work at the leading attorney’s rate when they’ve really passed off the work to someone else.

4. “What Is Your Fee Structure?”

One of the most important questions to ask an attorney relates to payment.

Will you need to pay in a lump sum, are they paid only if you win, or will you be billed monthly based on the case as a whole or hours worked?

It’s also extremely essential that here, you ask about who is expected to cover the litigation costs.

Remember, you’ll need to pay to access important documents, to file your case, and of course, for legal advice. Some firms may advance the litigation costs to you, others may not, and others will try to get your opponent to pay.

You may or may not need to repay some or all of these costs – so make sure you’re clear on that before you begin.

It’s Time to Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Now that you know how to find the right workers’ comp attorney, it’s time to start your search.

Want to learn more about what you can expect in terms of pushback from your employer? Curious about your rights? Ready to prepare for court?

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