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The 3 Types of Lawyers Every Family Needs to Know About

The law is as broad as there are issues between any two human beings. Whatever your problem is, you are almost guaranteed to find a lawyer who specializes in fixes it. However, while there are hundreds of legal niches, there are only 3 that are common to the average person.  In this article you will learn about the three types of lawyers you are likely to need.

Real Estate Lawyers

If you are planning to purchase a home or lease some commercial space, then you will need a real estate lawyer. Real estate lawyers handle the entire transaction process including crafting and reviewing purchase agreements, property transfers, mortgage contracts, and title contracts. Because these documents are complex and legally binding, it is essential to have legal council.

If you are buying a family home, for instance, Brisbane conveyancers will draft all the closing documents, perform a title search, write up title insurance policies and handle fund transfers. The party selling the home will also have their own real estate lawyers handling their side of the contractual obligations. In case of a dispute, the real estate lawyer will provide you legal representation to ensure your interests are well-represented.

Buying property is stressful enough as it is – the last thing you would want is be unrepresented and getting hounded by another attorney.  Protect yourself, your rights and your money – use a real estate lawyer.

Types of Lawyers Everyone needs to Know

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers represent persons that have suffered any form of harm arising from the negligence or willful action of another party. This harm does not just cover physical harm, but also psychological and mental harm. You will need a personal injury attorney for  a broad range of circumstances.

These include slip and fall, vehicle and pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, wrongful death, nursing home abuse, among a host of other scenarios. Mayhem strikes you under day-to-day circumstances. When this happens, you will need the services of a personal injury lawyer. This also applies if you are the one being sued for causing personal injury. As the defendant, you will need to defend yourself against the allegations brought by the plaintiff.

Whichever side you are on, there are several important duties the personal injury lawyer will undertake. First, they will tell you whether the case is within the statute of limitations. This is the legally-allowed time within which a case can be brought before a court of law. Next, they will undertake discovery. This is to uncover all facts relating to the case. Third, they will try and negotiate an out-of-court settlement. Lastly, if the case does go to trial, they will be on hand to help you navigate the maze of statutes that govern personal injury cases.

As you can see, all three scenarios described above may apply to anyone, regardless of stature in life. Having appropriate legal representation in all cases will ensure your interests are well-represented.

Estate Planning Lawyers

According to the American Bar Association, 50% of Americans die without leaving a will or estate plan. This results is a 40% federal estate tax on the estate plus other family issues that may require probate lawyers and attendant fees. Engaging an estate planning lawyer can help you help your family avoid most of this. You may have heard that estate planning lawyers are only for the rich. With the federal death tax exemption rate hitting $10.98 million per couple in 2017, it is easy to see why. However, estate planning is not only about resource allocation, it encompasses a whole lot more.

At the end of your life, you will be faced with some of the most important questions of your life. These include: who will make medical-related decisions on your behalf when you are unable to; who will get what when it comes to your assets; how will outstanding debts be paid; how will pending taxes be paid; and a host of other questions. An estate planning lawyer will help you put all the answers down on paper so those you leave behind know exactly what your wishes are.


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