2 Simple Steps Every Personal Injury Lawyer Needs to Take for Their Digital Marketing Strategy
Halt | February 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

2 Simple Steps Every Personal Injury Lawyer Needs to Take for Their Digital Marketing Strategy

California’s recent “Camp Fire” has left personal injury lawyers scrambling to get their marketing together. With potentially millions on the line, attorneys are finally realizing the importance of having a strong marketing presence. In this article we’ll cover 3 marketing areas that attorney’s need to have in order to become wildly successful. If you are looking for an agency with great marketing services for personal injury lawyers, Orange Label Advertising might be perfect.

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the foundational pillar of digital marketing. It’s the one type of marketing where the more money you put in, the more value your website gains and the more clients you get. SEO is the one type of marketing where if your competitors directly stand to benefit from you neglecting it and for attorney’s this is more important than anything else.

Here’s what I mean…

If you don’t do SEO and your competitors do, they can rank for keywords related to your brand and siphon your customers. Every time you pay your SEO bill, your website increases in value and becomes an asset. However, whenever you pay a different marketing bill, that money is dust once it’s spent on the impressions, clicks etc.

The first SEO area to invest in is local SEO. It’s the basic, it’s making sure that your website comes up for searches related to your brand name and it’s making sure that your Google My Business pops up in search engines.

Once the basics are taken care of, hire a local seo or read a local seo guide to help you rank for personal injury terms in your local market.

2. Invest in Professional Web Design

There’s no point in having a great website if nobody is going to see it. That’s why this guide starts off with SEO. Once your site is ranking for relevant terms and bringing in traffic, it’s time to optimize the web design to convert leads into cases.

For many prospects, your website is the first point of contact with your brand. According to California web design company BCT Consulting, if your website is poorly designed then your site goes from being an asset to being a client repellent. Instead of showcasing your firm’s strengths, it’ll showcase your digital incompetence.

Ideally, you want a website to display your won cases so that you can build trust with visitors, you want a site that has clear navigation and structure. And in 2019, you want a site that has plenty of whitespace combined with a sleek, non-cluttered design.

If your website looks like it was created in 1999 then your digital presence is pretty much dead. Take action and bring your firm up to speed. Clickfunnels is a popular option used by lots of law firms in the US because of its pre-made and high-converting templates, however, there are several other alternatives you can consider.


By having a website that’s a great indicator of what your firm stands for then you’re positioning yourself for success. Coupling it with SEO will take your marketing, lead generation and online presence to the next level. The companies that invest in digital marketing are destined to thrive while those that do not will slowly wither down to their last referral.


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