Workers' Compensation
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The 10 Most Common Benefits from Workers’ Compensation claims

According to USA’s Workers’ Compensation Act, it is the law that requires employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance to every employee, even if they hire a single unpaid intern.

This act safeguards the rights of employees in case of any work-related injury or illness. And provide them with adequate compensations and benefits.

Thankfully, there are many worker’s compensation law firms and worker’s compensation lawyers that help protect the rights of employees. It is estimated that almost 91% of the employees in Illinois are covered under the act.

The 10 most common benefits from workers’ compensation claims to help facilitate the employees are

1. Medicare and Treatment benefits

All work-related injuries and illnesses are treated through the workers’ compensation claims. This includes everything from doctor’s fee, medical tests, any medical procedures required e.g. stitches or operations, to even therapy.

All the expenses will be beared by the insurance company.

2. Wage loss benefits

If the injured employee is unable to continue their duties due to injuries, then wage loss benefits will be granted to them.

There are two types of wage losses

  •  Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

If the employee misses work for a few days only. Then they’ll be compensated for days missed.

  •  Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

If the employee’s injury is to the extent that they’ll never be able to work again. Then compensation till the age of retirement is granted.


3. Prescribed drugs

The drugs prescribed to the injured employee till the recovery from injury are all beared through the benefits. This includes the cost for delivery of medicine to one’s home.

4. Fuel Reimbursement

The fuel expenses due to hospital visits or visits to doctors are also reimbursed through this claim.

If one does not have personal transport, then transport is provided by the company.

5. Special Modifications to one’s home

If the nature of the injury is such that special equipments and modifications might be needed in your home e.g.

  • Wheelchairs lift
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Redesigning room for special care

These are also included in the benefits

6. Special equipments

If the injury renders the employee temporarily or permanently disabled, then the cost for special equipments would also be beared by the company

The equipments may include

  • Wheelchairs
  • Prosthetics
  • Walkers

7. Health care assistant

If the injured person requires special assistance in daily activities from personal assistant e.g. for bathing, dressing, cooking etc. Then this will also be provided by the company.

8. Retraining and reeducation

If work injury prevents the employee from doing their previous jobs, and switching jobs is in their best interest then the expenses for training and education for the new job will be provided by the company.

9.  Death benefits

If an employee dies due to work related accidents or injuries, then death benefits will be paid to employee’s spouse and dependent children (till the age of 18).

10.   Funeral benefits

All the funeral related expenses will be beared by the company.

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